[FAQ] How to watch competitors in Yandex.Direct

When launching contextual advertising, like any other advertising campaign, it is important to evaluate the competition and analyze their actions. Only here you should not be interested in all competitors in the niche as a whole, but only those that are advertised in the same contextual advertising system that you are. It is with their proposals that you will have to fight for the attention of the target audience. We tell how to find these companies and learn more about them.

Why analyze competitors in "Direct"

  • Assess the competitive situation and the difficulty of promoting your product in context.
  • Analyze the ads of competitors to make better and attract the attention of potential buyers to their offer.
  • Get fresh ideas and find additional key phrases for your advertising campaigns.

How to find competitors in "Direct"

  • In the search results of "Yandex" - drive a request and open the page of all ads.
  • In the "Direct" interface - using the "Budget Forecast" tool or on the page of an active advertising campaign.
  • With the help of special services - Spywords, ADVSI.RU and others.

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