How to get customer reviews: 9 effective ways

Turning to the services of online stores, customers least of all want to deal with the next "dark horse." This is the Internet, right? Here they can deceive. The first thing the client does to make sure that the service is reliable is to look for and read reviews. This clearly shows that feedback is a powerful tool that encourages people to become your customers. However, getting a customer to leave a review is not so easy. How often do you leave feedback yourself and do you leave it at all? Exactly. In this article we will look at 9 effective methods that will help you get a lot of feedback from real customers.

1. Email

The easiest way to get feedback from a client is to ask him about it. This method is suitable if you have an email client. The letter can be either directly requested to leave a review, or a question about satisfaction with the quality of the service or product. There are two ways to use email as a feedback tool.

  • Send a letter to the customer a week after the purchase of goods

After the buyer has received and tested the product, send him a reminder with a request for recall. Make a competent letter with a personal appeal and wait for an answer. In the event that there is no reply, you can send another reminder later and stop there. Otherwise, all your emails will be sent to the Spam folder, and you will lose one of the most effective communication channels with the client.

  • Post to customer base

If you have a customer base or, even better, you are posting on it, it’s a sin not to use this tool to collect all sorts of feedback: about your company, quality of service, mailing, price adequacy, relevance of articles that you post on a blog, etc. .d Segment subscribers by adding date (for example, those who read your newsletter for at least 3 months) and activity (for example, opened at least 5 emails during this period and clicked on at least 3 links), and send them a letter asking for feedback. . If a customer has long been signed up with you and shows interest in your brand, then it will not be difficult for him to do so as a sign of gratitude.

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2. Telephone

It is not necessary to collect reviews exclusively using the Internet. Maintain a customer base, store their phone numbers and ring up to poll for quality of service. The main disadvantage of this method is that it can be irritable for a certain category of people, but if you do everything correctly, be polite, do not impose yourself and do not bother with frequent ringing, then you are guaranteed to get a good detailed review. Keep a record of calls, then translate them into text or lay out audio on the site. Soundcloud will be a useful service here, where you can post an entry and then get the code to paste it into the site.

3. Forms for reviews on the site

Surely you have seen many times in online stores of the form for quickly sending a question / feedback and for feedback in general. This method will be convenient for the client, all that is required of him is to write a couple of sentences. No extra registrations, extra accounts and so on. There are three ways to make these forms:

  • Form Designers

Many services provide an online opportunity to make a feedback form. It is quite simple and does not require lengthy customization (we also need a simple form that is convenient for the client). After you are done with the settings, you will be given a code to paste into the site. Examples of such services: Main-Ip and Formm.

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  • Homemade forms

If you do not want to use third-party services, you can write your own feedback form. Look on the Internet for how to do this, and you will find complete, fully detailed instructions with which you can write a form even with an insufficient level of knowledge of programming languages. As an option - make a form in the form of a questionnaire. Not everyone wants to write a review personally, but filling out a questionnaire may even seem interesting to a specific audience.

  • Forms with comments from social networks

Do not forget also about widgets that integrate comments from social networks into pages (“Vkontakte” or Facebook, for example) - this way customers don’t need any extra gestures to leave a comment, because most do not go out of their accounts in social networks, even when they do not use them. For "Vkontakte", for example, you can use the widget of their own design, which can be found here.

4. Reviews on social networks

It will be useful to have social networking pages for your business. This is not only additional advertising and additional coverage, but also a powerful platform for collecting feedback. In social networks, people are more willing to share their impressions about the services provided. How to follow the reviews in social networks? Consider a few ways:

  • Comments on the pages

It is quite obvious. View comments and custom posts on your page, comments on photos - you will surely find something useful.

  • Mentions

Follow your brand on social media. This can be done either using the notification panel in social networks, or manually using services such as:

  1. Search social networks. Vkontakte and Twitter provide a search string where you can simply enter the name of your brand and get all references to it appearing on the social network.
  1. Search in "Yandex Blogs". The service can be searched not only by social networks, but also by blogs, microblogs and forums.
  • A separate section for reviews

People, as a rule, do not skimp on reviews on social networks. Organize a topic or discussion, where customers will be able to leave their feedback and suggestions, and the result will not take long.

5. Polls

With the help of polls you can get a huge number of opinions that will be to your advantage. You can conduct a survey and collect feedback in several ways:

  • Surveys embedded in the site

There are many services that allow you to create a survey yourself and insert it into a site page. You can read more about them (and about the benefits of surveys in general) in our article. We are interested in not just polls with a choice of response options, but polls in which the user can fill in forms himself. Polls with a choice of options will be informative only for you, while customers will not be able to visually assess the quality of your service.

  • Polls in social networks

Do not forget about polls in social networks. Not only that many of them contain built-in tools for creating polls, they also provide the ability to leave comments. Surveys in social networks always attract attention, thanks to the simplicity of the clients, not only without difficulty, but even with pleasure will provide feedback, and you will get a lot of free opinions. In addition, polls in social networks help to increase traffic to your page.

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6. Customer photos with your products

Very effective way. The photo is also a review, especially if there is a comment under it. How to get photos of satisfied customers with your product? Two options:

  • Ask them about it

Just ask customers to send photos of your goods. On the site, select a special section for such photos, and if we are talking about social networks, then simply create an open album where users can upload photos themselves. Such sections and albums are often viewed, they clearly show that there are real customers, satisfied with the quality of service, and the opportunity to boast of a new purchase and show themselves will attract many applicants.

  • Arrange a photo contest

A prerequisite should be a photo in which your product is clearly visible. It is desirable that the client also added a text review in addition to the photo. It may even be a small story - show imagination in preparing the competition.

7. Bonuses for review

The system of bonuses for reviews implies additional costs, but the influx of reviews can greatly increase - there will always be enough bonus hunters. Consider ways to encourage customers to review:

  • Promotion for each feedback left

Why not to promise the client a small discount if he leaves a small review? Or a symbolic gift? A similar method is already used by many business giants (Dunkin 'Donuts, for example, offer a free donut for taking a survey). The main thing here - do not overdo it. You must ask customers to leave reviews, but do not beg them by all available means.

  • Prize for best review

Arrange contests for the best author. The prize in the competition does not have to be big, people just want to win.

  • Sample product or service for review

Make a loyal customer base and provide them with product samples / one-time free use of the service in exchange for writing reviews about their experience. In this case, you have no guarantees that in the end you will receive feedback, but clients, having felt a high level of trust and care, will undoubtedly want to respond positively about you.

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8. Review rating system

The above methods are relatively simple to implement. This method is rather complicated, but it has great potential. Create a system of users, which will take into account the number of comments left, their usefulness. Publish a list of the most prolific reviewers - many will want to get into the top ten. Such a system was, for example, implemented by the famous Amazon. Encourage (see the last paragraph) the most productive authors, give links to all their reviews.

9. Questioning

If you have a personal meeting with a client, ask him to fill in a pre-compiled questionnaire with questions about the quality of the service. Make a list of the most important questions about the quality of service and hand it to the client. It is unlikely that people will refuse to fill out a small questionnaire when they are handed it right in their hands. Be sure to include there not only questions with answer options / rating scale, but also questions that the client will answer on his own. For example, if your business involves courier delivery, the courier at the meeting may hand the client a questionnaire. After that, scan the questionnaire and put it on the site.

General feedback tips

It is not enough to use the recommendations given in this article. Use them wisely and wisely. We will give some tips to help you in this matter:

  • Always respond to reviews. Clients often do not leave feedback only because they know that they will not receive a prompt response, or they will not receive it at all.
  • Do not complicate the procedure for writing a review - the fewer actions the client will have to perform, the better. No need to force the client to register another five accounts. It is necessary for you, but not for him - the client has no need for an extra headache.
  • Always give the client not one, but several opportunities to leave a review. It will be more convenient for someone to write a comment on the social network, for someone to fill out the built-in form, for someone to reply to an email.
  • Do not impose. Infinite annoying requests to leave a review will not only be guaranteed to keep the section with reviews empty, but may also scare the customer away.
  • Do not remove negative reviews. A long list of laudatory positive reviews looks artificial as if they were bought. In addition, it is a great way to find out in which direction you need to improve.
  • Carefully consider the time of the request for recall. It is not necessary to delay this, but in many cases it is not worth rushing. Give the customer time to evaluate a product or service, and then get in touch.
  • Let the customer feel the importance of his feedback. Let him know that he is helping not only you, but the whole community.

And last - feel the importance of customer feedback. Often, they are the determining factor for potential customers. Would you trust a non-trusted company? I think no. So collect a lot of feedback and make sure you are trusted.

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