What to wear to a Halloween party? 20 creative ideas for internet marketers

Do you know the worst thing about Halloween? This is when you at the last moment learn about a corporate party, and there is no suitable suit at hand. Witches, ghouls and ghouls will not surprise anyone - they are full in the office, not only on the eve of All Saints Day. In addition, the costume should be associated with your field of activity. No time to invent something? Consider yourself lucky: in this article you will find ideas on Halloween costumes for representatives of the Internet industry and the high-tech industry.

1. SEO Ninja

Wear black clothes. Do not forget about balaclava and katana. The latter must be a toy, otherwise wait for trouble. Now type in the text editor more popular search phrases in large print: cheap in Moscow, order online, refrigerators St. Petersburg. Attach the search phrases to clothes with pins.

2. Old School SEO

Make yourself a headdress of bright feathers, paint your face with paints, put on beads and take a big cane in your hands. You will also need a tambourine and harp. At the party, knock on the tambourine, play the harp, and from time to time shout out something about Yandex updates. Great, you look like an old school cool.

3. Link Farm

This is the idea of ​​a group suit. Put on the costumes of various animals that are bred on farms: cows, pigs, poultry, rabbits. Hold hands or handcuffed to each other. Linkofarm suit ready.

4. Black and white SEO

Suit for a couple. One of you should wear all white, and the second black. If your colleagues know English, you can limit yourself to black and white hats: white hat and black hat SEO.

5. Google Algorithms

An idea for a group of three people. You will need panda, penguin and hummingbird costumes.

6. Filter AGS

You will need a camouflage military uniform and a toy machine gun grenade launcher. In extreme cases, print the photo of the AGS-17 and carry it in your hands. Now you are a fighter against r **** sites.

7. The suit "Yandex"

Applying for a corporate party on the occasion of Halloween in a spiderman costume is not original. What about a web crawler costume? It is necessary to upgrade the tights of the spiderman: add the words "Find everything" on it, put a magnifying glass in your pocket. Everything, during the party it remains only to walk around the room and look around as if you are looking for something.

8. Keyword

Make a big key out of cardboard. It is not even necessary to attach it to clothes: just carry it in your hands. Print a few typical keywords on the printer. Attach them to clothes. You have become a key word.

9. Mark Zuckerberg

Put on your Adidas jeans, T-shirt and slippers. Done, you're Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, for persuasion, wear a badge with the inscription "I'm the CEO, bitch".

10. Steve Jobs

You will need a black turtleneck, blue jeans, sneakers and sunglasses. Yes, do not forget the iPhone. He must be kept in his hands all the time.

11. Ice Bucket Challenge Costume

A network flash mob with cold water overflow will be included in SMM tutorials as an example of a successful information campaign. And you can quickly make a costume for a party. Take a bucket, transparent tulle, chocolate foil and an ice maker. The technology of making a suit you will understand thanks to the illustration.

12. Instagram

Dress like a hipster. Don't forget massive glasses. Take to the party a few packs of crackers. Run between the guests and quickly hand out cookies. Done, you Instagram.

Instagram use hipsters. The service allows you to quickly make and post a photo. The Instagram character is dressed like a hipster and quickly worn around the room with cookies. Difficult logic, but someone there after a couple of cocktails will understand.

13. Social networks

Print the logos of popular social networks. Attach one logo to the clothing of each member of the group. Stay together at a party.

14. Suit “Classmates”

This social network deserves a separate costume due to the color of its audience. Tie a handkerchief on your head, wear massive-rimmed glasses. For credibility, you can take a cane. Your costume should look like this:

It remains to print the Odnoklassniki logo on the printer and attach it to the clothes.

15. Bird with Twitter logo

Dress on the principle of "blue top, yellow or red bottom." Do not forget the blue wig. Done, you're a twitter twitter. For persuasiveness, attach a card with the words "Tweet" to your clothes.

16. Google maps

It's simple. Take the white packing tape. Write street names on it. Wrap the tape crosswise. Make a big mask mask out of red paper. The costume is ready.

17. Ghost writer

You must have seen the cult film for all copywriters Ghost Writer. To reincarnate in ghost writer, you will need a sheet, an inkwell and a feather. The sheets will have to make slits for the eyes. For naturalness it is better to put a few blots. So look for your wife to not really send you to the ghost world.

18. Curved iPhone

To make this costume you have to work hard, but it's worth it. You will need a large cardboard box, black cloth or paper and a color printer. Make a hole in the box for the head. Cover it with black paper. Print iPhone application icons on the printer and stick them on the box. Bend the cardboard. Now everything is ready.

19. Android suit

You will need a large cardboard box, green cloth or paper, glue and paint. Everything else depends on your imagination and creativity.

20. Internet troll

Wear a trollface mask and hooded hoodie. In the hands you can take the mock stone ax. During the party, approach the colleagues and troll them. Just do not overdo it, and then you will be banned, or rather, expelled from the holiday.

If you have your own Halloween costume ideas, tell us about them in the comments. Remember, they must be related to the Internet industry and technology.

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