40 Russian and English podcasts for marketers and entrepreneurs

If you do not have time to read professional literature, and you want to develop - listen to the audio. I have compiled for you 40 podcasts about entrepreneurship, marketing, copywriting and motivation.

Attention! My opinion on the pros and cons of podcasts may not be the same as yours.

So let's go.

Podcasts for entrepreneurs and executives

"Big Plans: Smart Podcast"

The podcast belongs to Megaplan. From it you will learn how to increase the productivity of the team, abandon the Internet, stop procrastinating and start arguing with the boss.

Useful for managers of different levels.


  • gifts from "Megaplan" for chiefs - checklists, consultations;

  • work tips for building personal effectiveness plans;

  • podcasts are short - 10-15 minutes.


  • boring stuff in a female voice: does not cause emotions;

  • Many examples from the life of foreign colleagues - not all tips adapt to the Russian mentality.

"How to make a million?"

The podcast is released on Radio Mayak on the show Stillavin and His Friends. For half an hour guests of the program talk about business and life.


  • emotional podcast: there are a lot of games with the voice on the air - the hosts keep attention, skillfully highlight the necessary details of the interview;

  • interesting guests with unusual businesses: robots, navigation systems, mini-farms, etc .;

  • correct and deep questions affecting the past, present and future of business.

"Straight line with Radislav Gandapas"

The podcast is not valid, but relevant. Live Misha Kokin communicates with business coach Radislav Gandapas. The questions are prepared by the listeners, so the range of topics is large - from personal finances to motivation. Issues last 20-40 minutes.


  • many tips for life, phrases for rethinking stereotypes;

  • information is concentrated. Radislav fits any explanation in 2-3 sentences: in one issue dozens of life hacks.

"Fight and do"

One of the few podcasts afloat. Since 2008, 174 programs have been released on how to create a business without money, connections and experience.

Spirited Tips: With proper application and a critical approach, you will extract tons of value. Young entrepreneurs come to visit the presenter, Andrei Sharkov.


  • cool questions and answers - preparation of the leader deserves a separate respect - interviews are not boring;

  • explanations from Sharkov - the author deciphers incomprehensible terms and trends.


  • advertising at the beginning of releases is louder than the main audio, therefore annoying;

  • the voice of the presenter is indistinct.

"Atlanta Business"

The author's program of Eugene Orlan: the presenter invites businessmen (including the unknown) who motivate to go to the goal and commit madness. Format - an interview with the analysis of the mistakes of a particular business.

Podcasts have been released since 2014, lasting about an hour. Now the project is closed.

"My business"

Podcasts released online accounting "My Business" in 2014. Now the project is not working. Made 67 audio in the format of interviews with Russian and foreign (but Russian-speaking) businessmen. Presenter Oleg Anisimov.

"Will be done!"

Audio is about personal effectiveness, stress tolerance, delegation. Nikita Maklakhov teaches to listen to yourself, to work on internal potential, to search for meanings in actions and every living day.

Duration - an hour. Of the benefits - a site with a text version of the ether and a transcript of all references (books, persons, places).

"Nude business"

Author's podcast by Nikolai Volosyankov. The presenter invites distinguished guests to talk about entrepreneurship. The interview is standard, the voices of the heroes are monotonous, so I do not recommend listening in a car - it makes you sleepy. Layfkhaki and real cases dismantled to a minimum - more chronology of the creation of the business of the hero.

"Business and some personal"

The radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" broadcasts a podcast about business and force majeure situations in it. The hosts are different, sometimes businessman Dmitry Potapenko talks with the characters. The program analyzes financial crises, investments, new tools for earnings. The side from which these phenomena are considered is most often negative - the risks of using tools or accomplishing tasks are clearly shown. Definitely a must have.

"IT business broker"

Leads Alexei Komarov. Visiting top managers, entrepreneurs who sell or buy businesses. Actually, this problem is covered in the program, telling about successful and failed business sale deals.

For reviews, the presenter gives the book: the main character of the previous podcast advises them. The interview is in text form on the site - a big plus.

Podcasts for internet marketers and promoters

NextMedia Podcast

Under the fashionable name hides the podcast "SMM without cats" by Elnara Petrova. The guys changed positioning: now the podcast combines all the services of NextMedia marketing agency. The list of topics expanded: marketing, entrepreneurship, education, positioning, etc.


  • listeners have the opportunity to leave feedback for the creators, to participate in the development of the podcast. For this, NextMedia charges bonuses and gives gifts (for example, e-books MYTH);

  • Eminent guests, their professionalism has long been proven by the market.


  • Often the guest questions are superficial, there is no in-depth disclosure of the question in the interview;

  • Leading away from the topic - because of this, the time of the podcast increases significantly;

  • few cases.

Websarafan show

Podcast Taisii Kudashkina. It is a one and a half hour live interview with business experts. Each of the following experts advises the previous one - this is how a high-quality, connected chain of professionals turns out. Among the guests are Ilyakhov, Rumyantsev, Gandapas and other media people. 130 issues were recorded, including the paid ones.


  • Questions for the hero of the future podcast are collected from the comments in the announcement. Everyone can get a response from a specialist for free;

  • the leader divides the hero into personal life hacking - due to the fact that the speaker is not ready for questions, sometimes interesting things sound;

  • blog summary of each podcast;

  • for contributing to the promotion of the podcast give paper books on business;

  • heroes give different funny things - presentations, lectures, etc.


  • cool podcasts recorded mainly with men. If a woman is on the air, you get the feeling that you are sitting on a bench with your girlfriends and combing your tongues;

  • in the speech of the leader, the endings are sometimes greased, intonation is dancing, there are words-parasites;

  • a lot of advertising business Taisii.

"On marketing, business and personal effectiveness with Andrei Zinkevich"

Andrei Zinkevich - practices in systems marketing. In the podcasts, the flesh is the most - all business recipes are worked out by the moderator and his guests, given without lyrics and describing the result. Following the tips, you can make a clear plan for self-development to develop only useful skills.


  • many tips on specialized literature;

  • examples and tips adapted to Russian realities and the public;

  • the speaker explains well and intelligibly - the podcast is easy to remember, as the examples are associatively understandable.


  • in some podcasts, echo and noise interfere.


"Runetology" - an analytical program. Visiting top managers, entrepreneurs, startups and creators of interesting projects. In recent times, the transfer has moved to "YouTube" - the creator of the channel Maxim Spiridonov (CEO of Netologiya) found the audio format unpopular. Recorded 300 issues of 45 minutes.


  • Lots of good content: ideas, inspirational stories, tips;

  • Spiridonov understands each topic under discussion - the issues are deep and informative.

The host’s voice is devoid of emotion, which makes the recording monotonous.


The podcast has 212 episodes. The guys invite guests or discuss the news in the lamp circle leading. They talk about programming, IT and related topics. Sometimes affect marketing. Time - more than 2 hours.


  • there is a podcast blog, where everyone wants to leave a comment with a request for a release topic or vote for someone else's topic;

  • storyboard podcast in the blog in a text form - the main actions are constantly described, links to materials are given, up to the name of background music;

  • You can leave a request to participate as a guest - for this it is enough to be a cool specialist.


  • presenters often interrupt guests, take away the topic;

  • there are boring issues, in them leading indifferent and languid voices.

"Radio T"

An interesting podcast on computer-related topics. The authors and presenters express a personal opinion about various companies, talk about finance and predict the future of search engines and applications. Everything that happens on the air - improvisation. Issues of 40 minutes, recording every Saturday at 23:00.


  • there is some kind of lampiness in the program - you feel yourself in the company of good friends;

  • You can participate in the live broadcast: write to chat or contact any of the presenters on Skype;

  • advertising unobtrusive and always warn about it.

"Productive Romance"

Presenter - Roman Rybalchenko.

The guests are top managers and founders of companies creating IT products. They tell how the product idea was born, what difficulties they had to face and how they managed to overcome them. There are special one-time issues about personal effectiveness and productivity.

The podcast is useful for internet marketers, project and product managers, business owners. To date, 51 podcasts have been released. Duration - 10-90 minutes.

By the way, Roman told TexTerra what purpose he had during the creation of the podcast and his opinion on whether it was possible to achieve it.

With the help of a podcast, we want more IT product businesses to become. We show how cool products were launched, what problems they had and how they grew. How to move from the service business to the grocery. This goal is hard to digitize, but our channels are growing month by month. We were captured on the main pages of the Apple and CastBox podcast platforms, we understood how to grow on Youtube without cannibalizing those who listen through podcasts. In numbers: over the past 30 days we have a record for listening to the podcast (13,600 times against 9,200 in September), a record for the growth of Youtube subscribers — 530 subscribers for the last 30 days against 470 in September).

Roman Rybalchenko, creator and host of the "Productive Roman" podcast


Author's podcast of Svetlana Demina about email newsletters. He invites the best Russian marketers and learns the secrets of copywriting, car dealers and reactivating subscribers.

Total issues - 29. Time - an average of 50 minutes.


  • consider the opinion of listeners whom they want to hear in the next podcast;

  • pleasant voice leading.

Sometimes podcasts do not contain thematic information at all. For example, the issue with Maria Solodar is exclusively about personal life.


The podcast, unfortunately, has long rested. Produced in 2014 by Yuri Vasilchikov - SEO-master who worked with Re: Store, Sony, etc.

Records are relevant in our time: it is useful to talk about terminology in Internet marketing (ideally for beginner marketers, copywriters), advertising, promotion. However, listening is better after becoming familiar with current trends: so you can compare the relevance of information.

"Big fish"

Podcasts are led by Alexander Kolb. He considers the lack of censorship to be the main feature of the records. He takes interviews from Ukrainian experts, businessmen and IT-specialists, so the Russian-speaking public is skeptical about some of the tips. With motivation in podcasts, everything is OK - a healthy share of optimism and skepticism, there are no bright dreams about knowingly complex ways of implementing business processes. The presenter immediately throws the listener into the abyss of information - a greeting for 5 seconds and beyond the interview. It is important for those who do not like to listen to ads and announcements.

There are only 28 Big Fish podcasts available online.

"Anatomy of advertising"

Podcasts are conducted by Elena Kesler - an advertising specialist and a self-proclaimed star of creativity. Only 71 issue. The presenter tells the inside story advertising, based on personal experience. He accuses advertising agencies of dishonest chips, teaches consumers to respond correctly to the promises. Themes are selected by user requests by email.

Voice leading, though charming, but slow. It is more convenient to listen at x2 speed.

"Two for the price of one"

The podcast is released under the command of "Medusa". Presenters - Ilya Dyer and Alexander Polivanov. Only 25 issues for 30-50 minutes. Theme - how to spend money. The podcast does not carry any practical value, however, I recommend it for listening to marketers and copywriters because of issues with readers' stories. In them you will understand how in some situations people relate to money.

Of the significant drawbacks: domestic reasoning is not the leading experts, so emotions are shared in the podcast - if you have money and you have ever gone to the store, you will not learn anything new.

"Podcast Alytics.Drive"

Podcast - an analytical program about online advertising. The presenter (the project’s general director Ilya Makarov) invites e-businessmen and directors, Russian and foreign advertising specialists to be on the air. The purpose of the broadcast - to disassemble a larger number of cases and make the most accurate predictions about the future of Internet business.

The blog has a text format podcast. Of the minuses - the voices of the presenters and guests are unemotional, the feeling that you are at a parent meeting in a Sunday school.


The project from the show "Sergei Stelllavin and his friends." In the podcast, Rustam Vakhidov tells interesting facts about global brands, reveals the secrets of the founders. The format is radio, it is convenient to listen in the car - the constant change of voice blocks will not allow you to fall asleep at the wheel.

Duration of release - 30 minutes.


Podcast Pavel Fedorov - owner of the channel "Pasha and procrastination" in "Telegram". There are few releases. The facilitator interviews famous people from the "brotherhood of the pen", asks to talk about the experience, successes and failures. Duration of release - from 40 minutes to one and a half hours.

Retail Rocket Science

For February of this year - 56 issues. The project is not closed, but does not release the program according to the schedule (bi-weekly). In the podcasts, interviews with e-commerce practitioners: their opinions on market trends, the history of the development of brands. Issues - 30 minutes.

From the pros: you can ask questions to guests and receive personalized answers. Of the minuses: the voice of the presenter, issuing informational messages - slow and tedious.


A podcast about external and internal search engine optimization. On the Internet, only thirteen audio recordings of 40-50 minutes were found. Interviews are bland, but if you need only practical information - the most it. They say the case, do not move away from the topic. Some SEO chips are outdated, some are eternal. So the podcast is not lost.

"Internet marketing with Alexey Yaroshenko"

Since 2015, 7 podcasts have been released. Alexey Yaroshenko is an internet marketer, a specialist in lead generation. He talks about the problems of the relationship between the consumer and the seller, shares time management and delegation tokens. Away - entrepreneurs.


Podcast from Irina Gryaznykh about copywriting and negotiations. In short audio for 10-15 minutes of interviews with freelancers on a variety of topics: motivation, writing and editing features, personal life stories. I like the presentation: the presenter is always positive, the conversation is lively and bright. I recommend novice authors.

Appintop - promotion of mobile applications

The latest release of the podcast came in 2015. A legacy of 60 audio broadcasts are left with interviews of developers, mobile app owners and product managers. Podcasts last no more than half an hour, the presenters and guests consider the inside story of analytical tools, methods of information protection and promotion.

"How to make games"

Podcasts are devoted to the gaming industry, a review of current news in the development of mobile games. Suitable for programmers, game designers and application creators. But it is still aimed at ordinary citizens - those who are going to play or are already playing games. This is what should attract experts, because the podcast is a great place to study the needs of the target audience.

There is a colorful website, esters are permanent and long - at least one and a half hours. The authors and presenters are Mikhail Kuzmin and Sergey Galenkin - marketers.

"Business Clicks"

A standard podcast about business and digital marketing is 40 minutes of pure good. Invited experts from different niches appear on the air, sometimes the hosts organize “home airs”, in which they talk about the fate of electronic commerce and advertising.

English podcasts

Product People

Presenter - Justin Jackson. In each issue, he interviews people who create products based on consumer habits or new research in human psychology.

The startup chat

The podcast is conducted by a marketer and sales specialist Hilten Sha and Stele Efti respectively. They talk about the difficulties of creating startups, talk about the profitability of businesses. At the end of each issue are two tips for practice.

This Old Marketing Podcast

At first, the podcast looks like a cheap American sitcom: you hear offscreen laughter and jokes. However, in fact, in the hourly release, top managers of the Content Marketing Institute discuss marketing news, disassemble cases.

Six Pixels of Separation

The podcast from Mitch Joel - President of the marketing agency Twist Image. The format is standard: guests talk about their business and marketing features that they use or plan to use in the future. Вместе с ведущим обсуждается целесообразность их действий.

Marketing Over Coffee

Подкаст знаменит необычным местом записи эфиров. They are held in a small cafe in the suburbs of Boston. Hence the name. Discussions between participants are limited to content marketing, advertising and traffic.

Inside intercom

The program discusses product creation issues, examines the pitfalls of modern web design, and questions startups.


The podcast is recommended by product managers. It contains assessments of modern technology, the financial situation in the world and ways to raise the new business to the top of the industry.

Social Pros Podcast

Analytical program from content strategists and copywriters. The presenters are sharing the work with social networks (European and American), tell the results of the observation of users, about the situations when they prefer to put likes and make reposts.

That's all: listen and enlighten! Also write your favorite podcasts in the comments - we will definitely listen to them and add to the article.

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