54-ФЗ: How online stores adapt to online cash registers

What has changed 54-ФЗ?

"Vanya began to climb in daddy's box office

Became disgrace, stealing a lot of money "

19th century romance

From July 1, 2017, each sale must be conducted via an online cash register, that is, be certified via the Internet in real time with the fiscal data operator (CRF). The licensed data aggregator checks the fiscal attribute of the check, certifies it and stores it in the archive, which merges into the FTS once a day. Having received the go-ahead from the OFD, the cash desk displays a check: on paper for a physical buyer in a supermarket, or in electronic form for a remote buyer in an online store. And all within 5 minutes from the receipt of money. This is required by the Federal Law “On the use of cash registers in cash payments and (or) payments using payment cards 54-ФЗ as amended on July 3, 2016.

Cars for violators

"I do not beckon long roads

I will not get into the state pocket

I'll go pay taxes

And I will not go to South Magadan. "

Social advertising FTS

Suppose a check establishes that sales were conducted without a cash register (or at the old cash desk, from the point of view of the law, they are one and the same). What will happen?

The company will withdraw from 75 to 100% of illegally obtained proceeds (at least 30,000 rubles). A manager or an individual entrepreneur will be charged a fine of 10,000 rubles. The outdated cash register will be deregistered independently.

In case of repeated violation, the enterprise will first be fined, then suspended for 3 months, and the manager will be disqualified for 1-2 years.

If earlier the statute of limitations for violations of cash discipline was 2 months, now it has been extended to 1 year. Hands reach all violators.

Where will the checks come from? They will bring their favorite hellish customers. The website of the Federal Tax Service has mobile apps for Android and iOS. Any buyer can check the QR code of the check, as well as send a complaint to the FTS. Presumably, from July 1, active propaganda of such civilian control will begin.

Surprise: new order is required for ALL

"In a row with storage sheds and land

and I'm lined and must be punished.

You demand from me five hundred in half a year

And twenty-five for not filing declarations. "

Vladimir Mayakovsky

The new cash register equipment must apply all organizations and entrepreneurs who receive payment from individuals. It means that cash desks are obligatory both for sellers of goods, and for service providers, and for contractors.

Of course, 85% of the e-commerce market comes from online shopping. But on the other hand, in the remaining 15%, communication and hosting providers, mobile operators, instant messengers, freelance exchanges. And under the law 54-FZ game developers and applications, web programmers, as well as Internet advertising and marketing with all the child professions. And copywriters, too.

Why is E-business more difficult?

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My capricorns,

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Alexey Kortnev

In offline retail, buyers go through the cashier in turn, and each is served by a live cashier for at least 1 minute, and sometimes for 5-10. Most outlets are open during the daytime, and many are closed for holidays.

But buyers of Internet services are spoiled for 24/7 access, on weekdays and holidays. Any restrictions cause a dense shaft of indignation and flight of clients. A popular online store accepts dozens of payments at peak times. But online cash registers cannot physically punch more than 2 checks per second. No cash desk and no cashier can handle such a flow.

Who has the right not to use the online ticket office?

Settlements between organizations and individual entrepreneurs are not affected by the new law. Those who specialize in B2B, can continue to work quietly under contracts, bills and bank transfer. Only without payment from personal cards and wallets.

An enterprise trading with individuals may gain time until July 1, 2018 if it refuses to make cash and card payments, limiting itself to Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Qiwi. However, the outflow of buyers and the decline in sales is inevitable. So in a year it may not be enough money, not only at the box office, but even for the purchase of goods.

How to work without online cashier?

Accepting payments and messing around with checks can be delegated to an agent, attorney, commissioner or paying agent. All these intermediaries collect payments from individuals, knock out checks for them, collect cash in the bank to their account and transfer money to their partner from it. And the online store receives its revenue transfer from a legal entity and lives quietly.

Terminal Networks as Payment Agents

A paying agent is an organization or entrepreneur engaged only in receiving payments from individuals. Payment agents include terminal networks. They are required to be registered with Rosfinmonitoring, accept payments from the population exclusively to account 40821. In order to accept payments through an agent, you must conclude an agency agreement with him and receive them on account 4082. If these conditions are not met, there will be tax problems.

Cash on delivery through Russian Post and private mail

"He told how the taiga cries,

Without a man she is lonely.

There is no coachman in the mail,

So we go there

So we go there way. "

Agatha Christie

Russian Post and private postal operators deliver letters and parcels by cash on delivery. Suppose a customer ordered a product from an online store and received it at the post office, paying in cash. The Post of Russia will transfer its money to the seller’s account if a payment to the bank account is indicated as a delivery method on the cash on delivery form. This payment method applies OZON, Lamoda.ru, Otto.ru and others.

Some non-state postal operators also offer cash on delivery. For example, DPD, "Guarantee" and SPSR Express.

Cash service delivery services

"I am a little horse,

But I cost a lot of money

I am taking my big cart

From that to this shore. "

Nike Borzov

Many courier companies provide online stores with cash management services. Accept payment upon delivery, collect and transfer to the accounts of online stores by non-cash transfer. At the same time, delivery services fall under the law 54-FZ. They are required to use online cash registers, punch checks for 5 minutes, transfer data to operators of fiscal data. And the online store is not obliged to punch payments from the courier company through online cash registers.

Rental of cash offices for accelerated implementation

"They brought him, oh, they brought him

Brought him chests, full of good.

- This is not mine, oh, this is not mine,

This is not mine, this is the mother’s law. "

folk song

You can not just take and connect the purchased cashier. The owner of the online store of musical instruments Skifmusic.ru suffered for 2.5 months, from December 2016 to mid-March 2017. What to do? You can try to rent a box office in the cloud.


PRICE for 1 cashier





Rent 3 000 rubles per month
Storage device
6 100 rubles


Magento, Opencart, retailCRM



2 900 rubles
1 900 rubles
Storage device
6 500 rubles
"RP System 1FS"
"RP System 1FA"
Module "STARRUS: online cash" in the marketplace "1C-Bitrix"



Rent 3 000 rubles per month
Storage device
6 300 rubles



Cash API


2 950 rubles
Commission from
5 to 8%




How to buy a cashier?

"Eh, let's walk Russia

Sing accordion, dance soul!

Let the wind fly away

These pitiful pennies. "

Vika Tsyganova

How to buy, if you later realized it? First of all, conclude 2 contracts: for the supply of at least one fiscal drive and for the maintenance of the fiscal data operator. Make a prepayment. This will protect you from fines for the first time. The drive costs 6,100 rubles from manufacturers. Maintenance of the operator of the fiscal data will cost 3,000 rubles per year.

Now in the register of cash register equipment FTS 80 devices. Online stores are suitable for stand-alone (mobile) cash desks for couriers, fiscal registrars for offices and points of issue, as well as online cash desks without a receipt printer for cash farms. What makes us happy manufacturers?







"RP-System 1FS" for online stores
"RP-System 1 FA" for vending machines
15 900 rubles
15 900 rubles
Appendix "STARRUS: online cash"
marketplace "1C-Bitrix"
Modules for Joomla, WorldPress, Drupal,
Instructions and drivers
39 service centers


And 8 more expensive models

20 400 rubles

56 accounting programs

drivers, documentation distribution firmware
1,000 service centers


And 8 more expensive models

10 000 rubles

13 from "1C"
5 from ATOL,
48 from 36 others
documentation driver utility firmware
160 service centers
The educational center
Video lessons


"ModuleCash" ("MSPOS-K")

33 000 rubles

"Yandex money"
"Module.Check" of the marketplace "1C-Bitrix"



Smart terminal with a fiscal drive
And 4 more expensive models

28 500 rubles

Evotor POS
"1C", "My warehouse"
App Store Evotor Store
Service centers "ATOL"


Viki Micro
And 4 more online cash registers

14 490 rubles

"1C: Trade Management" 10.3 and 11.1
"1C: Retail" 1.0 and 2.0
"1C Rarus: Shopping Complex"
"Dalion. Store Management"
Cashier Registration Instructions
Video lessons

"Pey Kiosk"


19 000 rubles

Orange Data Cloud Service

"Crystal Service Integration"

"Pyrite 2F"

35 490 rubles

Standard "1C: compatible"



22 000 rubles

"1C: Enterprise 8"

Service centers in 42 cities




21 000 rubles

"1C: Enterprise"

"VT: Shop"

Instructions, manuals, firmware


Service centers in 26 cities

"Company Pilot"

"POSprint FP510-F"

26 000 rubles

Online Store Integration Module

Service centers in 82 cities



20 000 rubles


Instructions for working with CMC
Service centers in 92 cities


"Treasurer FA"

18 000 rubles

Instructions, drivers, utilities

If you have a small online store, write down FIVE ITEMS in large letters that you often forget about. If you forget, fines are inevitable:

  1. Highlight a separate computer under the cash desk, and do not do anything other than work on it. Do not play, do not watch movies, do not listen to music and do not go on the social network. This computer should never slow down or hang;
  2. In the Windows power saving settings, disable disabling USB ports;
  3. Provide a backup power supply in the place where the checkout works. Supply an uninterruptible power supply for the cash register and computer. Plug in the GSM-signaling device in the network in order to immediately receive an SMS about a power outage;
  4. Prepare a backup online feed. Buy a Wi-Fi router, set up a connection, throw money into the balance and do not forget to recharge;
  5. Always carry a smartphone with the site admin application installed. If the cashier is broken or unavailable, you can stop sales.

How to register cashier?

We receive the key of electronic signature (CEP)

Without a key of a qualified electronic signature it is impossible to register the cashier on the tax inspection website. Therefore, we choose the nearest certification center in the list of the Ministry of Communications. We conclude an agreement, we pay 1000-2000 rubles, then we go to pick up the key on the flash drive. We take with us documents: SNILS and TIN for individual entrepreneurs, plus a power of attorney and a copy of the decision on the appointment of a manager for legal entities. Many fiscal data operators also release CEP.

We conclude a contract with the operator of fiscal data (CRF)

The list of fiscal data operators on the FTS website is constantly updated. Now it has 10 organizations. A significant part of the list consists of SaaS - providers of workflow, enterprise management, accounting, trade accounting.

  1. "First OFD";
  2. "Taxcom";
  3. "Platform OFD";
  4. "OFD-I";
  5. "OFD.RU";
  6. "Yandex.OFD";
  7. "VLSI";
  8. "Astral.OFD";
  9. "Electronic Express";
  10. "KORUS OFD".

Base rates of CRF unified. Annual maintenance costs all 3,000 rubles a year. CEP certificates are offered at 700-1500 rubles. Prices for services for sending electronic checks to e-mail and SMS vary from 0.7 to 1.3 rubles per check.

Installing cryptographic software

"Bodun was strong. It's time to take a pill.

A secret call sign sounded in my ears.

On weekends, I want to explore.

Ida, guys! who of you is with me? "

Alexander Bashlachev

Working with the Personal Account of the taxpayer and registering cash desks is possible only through a secure connection. There are a lot of requirements, settings and settings. Complete instructions for setting up a secure connection are available on the Federal Tax Service website, below we give the most important points from it.

  1. Separate computer under Windows XP SP3 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, plus all official security updates;
  2. Cryptographic provider with encryption algorithms GOST 34.10-2001 and GOST 28147-89 (CryptoPro version 3.6 R4 or higher);
  3. Internet Explorer version 8.0.6001+ or Safari for Windows 5.1.7+;
  4. Install the root certificate of the FTS certification center;
  5. 5. Add the addresses //lkul.nalog.ru and //lkul.nalog.ru to the list of trusted sites.

Check whether everything is done correctly. To do this, go to the verification section of the Personal Account of the Federal Tax Service and click "Start verification". If everything is in order, move on.

Install cash registers

"Here tractors will pass mine

And fall into the piggy bank, fall there,

Where I plant aluminum cucumbers,

Ah on a canvas field. "

Viktor Tsoi

We download drivers, utilities, instructions of manufacturers of purchased cash registers. For example, "StarRus", "ATOL", "Shtrikh-M". We connect the fiscal drive. We connect cash desks through COM or USB ports. In the Personal Account of the OFD, we take the name, URL and TIN of the operator of fiscal data, register them in the cash register settings. There we enter our own name, TIN, site address, taxation system code (DOS, STS "income", STS "income minus expense", UTII, SST or PSN), work schedule. We register these data in the fiscal accumulator, and we obtain the date, time and fiscal sign for registration of the cash register on the FTS website.

We add cash offices in the "Personal Account" of the fiscal data operator with whom we have decided to work. On the "Connecting CCP" page, enter the factory and registration numbers of the cash register, the activation date and the validity period of the fiscal drive. Having paid the application for the cash desk service, in the "OFD Settings" section we enter the cash register model and the name of the outlet. Repeat the same procedure for all cash registers.

In general terms, but for different manufacturers and models, the sequence of actions may differ. Follow the instructions!

Register with the tax office

"And leaving the native gate,

You left the house with a knapsack

And he said, pushing on Magnitogorsk:

"Write me to the Komsomol."

Vladimir Troshin

The complete "User's Guide from the Federal Tax Service of Russia on working with the" Personal account of the taxpayer of a legal entity "takes 207 pages. Consider it briefly.

Going to the "Personal Account" via a secure connection, we register, confirm the email address, accept the terms of use. Then in the section "Accounting for cash registers" click the button "Register CCT" and fill out the application for registration. We enter the address of the cash register, cashier model, serial number. Add the model and serial number of the fiscal drive. We select from the list of the operator of the fiscal data. We send the application. Soon it will be approved, the cashier will be entered in the register and will be assigned a registration number. Now it remains to enter it into the cash register and registration is over.

Step-by-step instructions for registering and registering cash:

How to dock cash with an online store?

Now there are 4 possible scenarios. In the first case, the ticket office connects directly to the site's engine via a module or server application on the computer. According to the second option, the cash desk joins the CMS through the acquiring of the payment aggregator or the bank. In the third case, an account program on the computer is integrated with the online store, and the cash register is tied to it. The latter scheme involves connecting the cash register to the cloud accounting program or CRM.

Cashier + CMS

The main trend of the development of Internet commerce leads to the expansion of the functionality of content management systems. The latest CMS editions include task management, analytics and BigData, integration with social networks and instant messengers. By the same principle "all in one" and the maintenance of online cash registers is logical to entrust the engine of the online store.

"1C-Bitrix" 17 xx

"Entrails esophagus, choking, miss

Thousands of tons of live biomass.

“We don’t have to be better”

Advanced working classes. "

Yuri Shevchuk

On January 23, 2017, 1C-Bitrix appeared on sale on January 17 with the interface of the Cash Register KKM in the “Online Store” section. The license "1C-Bitrix: Site Management. Small Business" costs 35 900 rubles. "АТОЛ.Онлайн" подключается к ней напрямую, а купленные кассы обмениваются данными с магазином через бесплатное десктопное приложение "1C-Битрикс.Кассы" для Windows.

CMS в автоматическом режиме распределяет поток чеков между кассами, организуя равномерную загрузку. Если кассы недоступны или перегружены, интернет-магазин не примет платеж. Нажав кнопку "Оформить заказ", покупатель попадет на страницу с извинениями и просьбой подождать, пока не освободится касса.

Все чеки сохраняются. Просмотреть их можно в отчете Магазин > Кассы ККМ > Чеки. "1C-Bitrix" supports sending electronic checks by e-mail. Sending SMS is not yet implemented.

Documentation of the "Cash register of cash register" section is regularly updated. For example, there is already an instruction for integration with ATOL.Online.

The 1C-Bitrix scheme increases fault tolerance. Connect the backup box to an uninterruptible power supply and an alternative Internet channel. Register it in CMS just like the rest. It will automatically intercept the flow of checks if the light goes out and the connection falls off.

Other CMS

"I tell you: take a step!

While the trees are sleeping,

You can believe me. "

Konstantin Kinchev

At least 2 development teams have created software solutions for connecting CMS to cash registers directly. Creativeoffice offers a bundle of desktop application "KKMSERVER" and the module "Online cash register 54-ФЗ" for Shop-Script. The kit provides automatic and manual printing of checks, opening and closing shifts, printing Z-reports. Shareware versions of the applications are publicly available, there is documentation. Fiscal registrars "ATOL", "Shtrikh-M", Viki, "StarRus", "Iskra" are supported. The module costs 4 199 rubles for 1 domain.

TagesJump has developed a module for Magento that provides data transfer from the CMS to the cash desks, approval to the CRF, administration of cash desks, sending, storage and viewing of checks. Compatible with fiscal recorders "ATOL", "Shtrih-M", Pirit, VikiPrint. The price is only 499 euros.

However, most CMS developers cannot integrate with cash registers. They have neither experience, nor means, nor personnel for this. Therefore, they organize in the engines data exchange with local or cloud accounting programs, acquiring platforms, cash desk rental services. And those already provide connection of cash registers, connection with the OFD, printing of checks.

Cashier + Acquiring

It would seem that banks have a direct reason to help customers connect cash desks to their payment services. However, from the words to the case until one "Sberbank". It provides Internet acquiring users with a 7 day connection to ATOL.Online. Savings on rent will be 1,100 rubles per cash register (1,900 rubles per month instead of 3,000). Through Sberbank, you can order in the ATOL fiscal storage, cash, register in the CRF and the FTS, draw up documents. For this, a special Personal Account has been created.

Payment aggregators

"Your string is barely touching

Indistinguishable glance,

And I'm not so close,

And I am that nerve. "

Pavel Kashin

Online stores are trying to ensure that payment aggregators use online cash registers instead. While it is illegal. Payment aggregators act as operators of payment infrastructure services, transferring orders for individuals to be paid to banks. That is, they act as electronic means of payment.

In this situation, law 54-FZ requires to online cash register used online store.

In theory, aggregators could meet stores: build new data centers, change the organizational form, renew the contract. But why do they need it, if they are so full of those who want to rent out the ticket office?

Therefore, aggregators come up with various crutches for online stores. For example, organize money transfers without opening an account. Or accept payment on their own trading platforms. Finally, they organize the exchange of data from the payment system and the cash desks bought or rented by stores.






Rent cash desks "ATOL.Online"

Connection "Module.Cashy"

· "1C-Bitrix"
· Commerce (Drupal)
· HostCMS
· JoomShopping (Joomla)
· MODx Revolution
· Oscommerce
· Prestashop
· ShopCMS
· SimplaCMS
· Ubercart (Drupal)
· Virtuemart 1 (Joomla)
· Webasyst Shop-Script
· Wordpress WooCommerce

Help "Yandex.Cash"

Connection instructions

Protocol Description


Sales through the store Robo.market
Integration with ATOL Online
"Full construction"
Transfers of individuals
without opening a bank account

Not disclosed

Not disclosed


Rent offices
in "Orange Data"

Not disclosed

Protocol of integration with the service "Orange Data"


Rent cash desks "ATOL.Online"
Connection "Module.Cashy"
Modules are available for ATOL.Online:
· "1C-Bitrix 17"
· Joomla
· Prestashop
For "Modul.Cashy"
available modules:
· "1C-Bitrix 17"
· 3 Shop-Script 7
· OcStore 2.3
· OpenCart 2.3
· WordPress
· Joomla
· Prestashop
· Ecwid

List of modules

Cashier + local accounting program "1C"

"Accountant, my dear accountant.

Here it is - so simple.

Accountant, my dear accountant,

And happiness will be if there is peace in the soul. "

Alena Apina

Long before the 54-FZ, 1C accounting and management programs occupied the dominant part of the market. Therefore, by the time of reforms with “1C”, not only their own “1C-Bitrix” was regularly integrated, but also NetCat, Host CMS, UMI.CMS, Shop-Script, PHPShop, ImageCMS and others.

Programs "1C" provide registration of cash desks, opening and closing shifts, printing checks with the details required by law. Punch correction check, support 27 models of online cash registers "ATOL", "SHTRIH-M", "Iskra". Separate programs send checks via SMS and e-mail, allow you to work under an agency agreement.

With online cash registers work: "1C: Retail 2.2", "1C: Trade Management 11", "1C: Accounting 8 (version 3.0)", "1C: ERP Enterprise Management" and "1C: Management of our company 1.6." The latter is actively promoted as a budget option for unloading an online store under 54-FZ for small businesses. For quick website creation, 1C recommends that start-up entrepreneurs use the 1C-UMI constructor on the UMI.Cloud platform. The boxed version of "1C: UNF" costs 17,400 rubles for one workplace, the cloud version - from 1,253 rubles per month.

Creating and filling an online store in one click from "1C: UNF":

In the help system "1C: ITS" thoroughly analyzed the nuances of the law and the procedures for working with online cash registers. 1,300 franchisees "1C" are certified as "Competence Centers 1C by 54-FZ", organize the implementation of programs, qualified electronic signature, connection to the CRF and the FTS, consultations.

Mobile application "1C: Mobile ticket office" for Android is intended for couriers, taxi drivers, traveling merchants. It allows you to accept payments and refunds, print checks on a mobile printer (fiscal registrar), Z-reports. Provides two-way data exchange with "1C: Enterprise".

Cash desk + cloud accounting

"Past the moon's white apple,

Past the red apple of sunset

Clouds from an unknown country

They rush to us and run away again. "

Vladimir Shainsky

Cloud rental services business software in the Russian market for over 10 years. They have gained millions of users due to their low entry threshold, mobility and multiplatform, flexibility and scalability.

Providers of cloud accounting, CRM and sales management for small businesses offer software and hardware for connecting online cash registers, data exchange with online store engines, mobile versions of a cashier’s workplace.






accounting of purchases, sales, movements in a warehouse, payments.

· "1C-Bitrix"
· Diafan
· Ecwid
· Insales
· Magento
· PrestoShop
· Simpla

Mobile application "Point of Sales Moisklad"

The application "MySklad Retail" for Google Chrome

Video tutorial on working with online cash registers in Moisklad


accounting, warehouse, point of sale management

ATOL, through the microcomputer "EKAM-BOX"

CMS integration

via API


support for wholesale and retail trade, services, e-commerce

· "1C: Bitrix"
· SimplaCMS
· Opencart
· WebAsyst
· ImageCMS
· Magento
· PrestaShop
· HostCMS
· MODX Revolution
· Amiro CMS
· Diafan.CMS
· Netcat
And another 16 CMS and platforms

Setup Instructions


sales, warehouse, purchasing, marketing



Online commerce is lagging behind

"We are punished late

That words of love are said before,

What really different dreams trusted

Half an hour before spring. "

Naum Olev

At the end of May, 48% of entrepreneurs are ready for the transition. The first were the small networks that started purchasing the CMC in 2016. For example, the federal Rybset retools 13 own and 35 franchise stores. Larger nets sway more slowly. X5 introduced 350 cash out of 45,000, Eldorado 100 out of 1,800, Rigla 530 out of 3,000. See for yourself. How to go shopping, look at the check.

What is online commerce? And we have silence. Ozon.ru complains about the shortage of fiscal drives, Svyaznoy explains that everything is going according to plan. In the 1C-Bitrix projects, the Steppuzzle.ru online store is lonely. And everything, from “Yandex.Wordstat” to an ordinary web programmer in one voice asserts that the topic is not yet relevant.

Well, OK. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. 54-fz-kak-internet-magazinam-prisposobitsya-k-onlayn-kassam

Watch the video: Всё что нужно знать об онлайн кассах и 54-ФЗ за 30 минут (March 2020).


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