30 articles on usability that kill the fear of changes on the site

We, as a rule, begin to read instructions when something is broken. But it is better to just avoid the sad consequences and get acquainted in advance with a selection of articles on usability.

In it you will find a lot of tips and examples of how to design websites, so that users do not bleed from the eyes, and they do not spend on the services of a psychiatrist. Read, share with colleagues and correct if something is done incorrectly.

Comprehensive about usability

1. 25 important items of a product card to help sales (2019)

Without these elements in the product card, the online store will not work at full capacity. With them, the card will become more understandable and convenient, will help close the objections of the visitor and gently bring him to the purchase.

2. 8 signs of an outdated site (2018)

Read the article and find out if it's time to update the site or you can leave it as it is. The main thing, after reading you will have a guide to action on improving the texts, design and functionality.

3. 24 cases to increase the landing page conversion (2018)

We share with you 24 cases of Russian-speaking companies and specialists who are engaged in the creation and optimization of landing pages. Some results may seem too good to be true, but this is what can really be achieved.

4. Pop-ups (pop-ups): what they should be, and what are the alternatives (2018)

The main thing you need to know about pop-ups and their variations, so that they are minimally annoying users and give the maximum result.

5. Checklist for usability: 200+ items to check (2018)

Go through the checklist of usability elements of the site and see what improvements can be planned for the near future. More than 200 items to check - anything for sure.

6. Visual hierarchy in UX: how to direct user attention (2017)

Denis Narizhny, the founder of the AskUsers service, wrote an article about how to use visual patterns on the site to hold and direct the attention of users.

7. Review of 22 prototyping tools (2017)

Overview of 22 different services for prototyping: for PC and mobile devices, and for online work, from free to very expensive, from simple ones with modest functionality to those that will have to thoroughly understand.

8. 9 mistakes in the layout of the article, because of which you lose readers (2016)

Useful article about what errors in the layout can scare away visitors to your site. With examples of real blogs that you all know and love.


9. Design thinking: how to create a product that solves a problem (2019)

We can look for causes in a crisis and economic downturns, a change of generations from X to Y and Z, in astrological forecasts and even that "all buyers are goats." But. A business closes when its product does not solve the problem of the audience. This article will help find the connection between a person, his problem and a product-solution.

10. How to make an article to read it? It is necessary only ... (2018)

We tell you what buns to use in the article, so that a person reads it and says to others: "Excellent stuff!" Do not touch the fonts and paragraph layout. Consider the elements of the article that are not related to the text: content, reading time, title and others. Short and to the point.

11. How to use grids when creating prototype pages (2018)

To make user-friendly pages of the site, it would be good to learn how to use meshes for prototyping. With the help of a new manual from Dmitry Dementiy, you can significantly improve the quality of prototypes.

12. How to create prototype pages for the development of the site so that the performers do not fix (2018)

An article on how to create a prototype page to make life easier for yourself and the user.

13. How to conduct a UX audit yourself: 4 easy methods to improve site usability (2018)

In our new article you will read what a UX-audit is, when you need to do it, what it gives, what sources and methods to use. The material is suitable for developers, site owners, marketers, copywriters.

14. How to design texts for the site to read them (2018)

Evgeny Kucheryavyy dismantled the design of text content, which users will read.

15. Detailed sidebar usability guide (2017)

Dmitry Dementy talked about whether sidebars are needed, what information to add there, how to make them convenient for users. Required reading.

16. How to make a prototype in Axure RP, if you don’t understand anything (2017)

If you have long wanted to learn how to use Axure RP, but waited for someone to explain everything humanly, the moment has come.


17. [Record webinar] Workshop on testing landing pages (2018)

The workshop, where the editor-in-chief of the blog Konstantin Rudov and the marketer Timur Fehraydinov, live dissected the landing pages that they had been sent to.

18. [Record webinar] Workshop on testing Landing 2 and road warriors (2018)

Konstantin Rudov and Timur Fehraydinov continued their analysis of the landing pages, which the webinar participants sent them.

19. [Webinar recording] Usability errors that make you lose customers (2018)

Artem Oleinik, head of interface development, tells you what mistakes in site usability make you lose customers.

20. [Webinar recording] How to prototype website pages: UX basics (2018)

Anna Markova gave basic knowledge to create prototypes of the site pages. Everything is considered with specific examples and as accessible as possible.

21. [Webinar recording] What should typography be on the site? (2017)

Free webinar on font basics for websites. The speaker is our head of the design department, Svyatoslav Groshev.

Examples ...

22. 14 examples of landing pages with an interesting design and unusual chips (2019)

Collected interesting chips and unusual effects odnostranichnikov. Some of them were made by developers and web designers of Texterra, and some were found in Runet open spaces.

23. How to make a page "Services": an example of 15 companies from different business areas (2018)

Here you can see with concrete examples how others design their "helpful" pages.

24. How to make something useful and interesting out of page 404: 30 examples (2018)

We are pleased with the updated selection of 404 pages. Added 10 examples of how to raise the mood of the user with an error page. If you have not seen this article before, we recommend.

25. 20 examples of design portfolio on the site (2018)

The article collected 20 examples of pages "Portfolio" from different companies, so that you would appreciate how well they are made, and applied something in your own. Or corrected.

26. How to spell: 15 examples of design blogs companies (2018)

This article contains 15 examples of how blogs from different companies look so that you can compare them with yours, learn from successful findings, or see weak spots.

27. A very expensive look: 20 examples of product cards (2018)

Registration of cards of goods in the online store directly affects sales. Article 20 contains real examples of how a card can be issued.

28. Pleased to contact: 15 examples of pages "Contacts" (2018)

Keep the design ideas for the "Contacts" page with 15 real examples. These guys have a lot to learn.

29. Face-to-face: 20 examples of the design of the main page of the site (2018)

Analysis of the 20 main pages of sites with their strengths and weaknesses. At the request of readers updated collection. Added analysis of the medical center, beauty salon, portal ads, art gallery and book publishing.

30. What we will do: 10 examples of successful interface solutions on the site (2018)

Sometimes on sites there are such "zest" interface that you want to immediately take and drag to yourself. In material 10 particularly interesting examples.

In our blog there is an article on usability, which we did not include in the selection? Write in the comments!

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