How to create a cool email signature: application overview and practical tips

On average, an office worker sends up to 40 e-mails per day — estimate the reach of your audience. How to make an impression and tell about yourself as a professional using an e-mail? Create a spectacular and informative signature to it.

Before we talk about how to create a good email signature, let's give examples of how not to do it.

What do these examples have in common? Surplus of information. The email signature is a concise addition, not a flashy handout.

Let's start with an overview of the services in which you can create an email-signature, and then list some tips on writing.

Creating a signature in Yandex.Mail and Gmail

"Yandex Mail"

Signature for mail can be created in the mail client itself. Consider how to do this in the mail from Yandex.

We look at the kindly given example and create our signature.

We send the letter.


Now we’ll create an email signature for Google’s email.

Create a new letter.

Email Signer Applications

Wise stamp

Wise Stamp is one of the most well-known email signature services. It has two versions: free and Pro, which will cost you $ 4 per month. In the Pro version, you can remove the mandatory installation of the application for Gmail, get three sets of templates (Professional, Vertical, and Minimalistic will be added to the basic one) and other design tools, as well as create your own social networking icons.

There is also a Business version of the application. She has a free trial period of 14 days. The business version allows you to create all your employees email-signature in the same style: each employee will not have to separately register and pay money. Integration with Google Analytics will help track how effectively the links in your signatures have affected the growth of your website traffic.

The site has a clear, simple interface. On the left we fill in the columns with information, on the right we set up the design. Even the editor of the basic version of the design here allows you to change almost everything, down to the size and color of the icons of social networks.

New old stamp

The developer calls his service "the easiest tool for creating email-signatures in the world."

New Old Stamp has two versions: free and Premium, in which the price for one signature is $ 2. In the Premium version, the editor’s features are expanded, resizing of logos or photos is available, more color schemes and social network icons are added.

The list of clients of the service includes Apple, Nestle, Opel and other famous brands.

The application interface is very simple: in the column on the left we fill in the columns with information, on the right we select the theme. Click Save, select the mail client.


HTMLsig includes three versions: free, Basic ($ 5 per month) and Pro ($ 30 per month). The ability to edit the email signature created in the free version will be unavailable 30 minutes after creation. Also in this version there are fewer styles available. The limit of signatures in the Basic version is 50 pieces. It also allows you to post links to your applications in the App Store and create business cards in the same style for your team. In the Pro-version there are no restrictions on the number of generated signatures, and for your employees you can create entire signature generators.

The editor is tabbed from the basic information to the addition of links to your applications (the last item is available only for a fee).

The first tab, Main, is intended to indicate personal information, and Social - for pages in social networks. Disclaimer - by default it is a text explaining that "the letter contains personal information and its distribution is prohibited" and so on. The site itself calls such a disclaimer "not only annoying, but legally useless," but allows you to add it. You can replace the disclaimer text with any other text and use it as a signature for the Banner - the next tab. Banner is a clickable image. Upload a picture, specify the link and you're done.

Next comes the Style tab, which is responsible for changing the design. The latest Apps tab allows you to add links to your applications.

Hubspot Signature Generator

Hubspot Signature Generator is the easiest of the listed services, and the only one completely free. The minimum number of functions does not prevent to create a good email-signature.

The first tab of the Main includes the main information, Social - links to accounts on social networks, Style allows you to change the design, and CTA - add "call to action". The last tab, Certification, is responsible for specifying your certificates from the Hubspot site. The position of the signature elements is changed in the list.


After completing the creation of a signature in any of the listed services, a window appears with a ready signature, which you need only to place in your email client.

Tips for creating email signatures

  1. Use well-matched colors.
  2. To add a little color to your signature is a good solution that will give it individuality and highlight it among other letters, but do not use too bright, acidic or faded colors.

  3. Choose a nice design
  4. Good design will present your information in the most readable form. Observe a certain hierarchy: first select your name, and then list your contacts in order of importance.

    Here are some more design tips:

  5. Do not use lists
  6. Do not turn your email signature into an MS Word document; lists in it will look inappropriate.

  7. Remove the inscription: "Sent from IPhone"
  8. It does not justify your typos and is completely unnecessary.

  9. Do not use animations
  10. Animation is not only often incorrectly reproduced, but also adds extra weight to your letter.

  11. Do not add your email address to the signature
  12. This advice sounds strange, but many people really do this: sign the address of the mailbox from which they send the letter. Imagine that the host of the house at the party presents you his friend: “Meet, this is Igor,” and he says: “Nice to meet you, my name is Igor.” What for? The name is already known, no need to repeat it. So with the address of the mailbox.

  13. Specify accounts in social networks
  14. Social network profile is your personal brand. Accounts can tell a lot about a person and what he does, and also allow you to contact you personally. Therefore, adding links to your social networks is a great idea for email signatures.

    Instead of text links to social networks, it is better to use icons. Not only do they fit better into the overall design of the signature, but they are also easily recognizable. In addition, icons instead of links will make your signature more compact, leaving room for other important information. If you are a user of many social networks, specify a few of the most important and regularly updated.

  15. Add your photo or company logo
  16. Do not be afraid to use images in your email signature. Your own photo will make you a real person, and not a certain author of the letter, and adding a brand logo to your signature will increase its awareness.

    Make sure that the picture is displayed correctly in all mail programs and looks good on portable devices.

  17. Use delimiters
  18. It is better not to overload the email-signature with a large amount of text. But if you want to distinguish between information and make its text more readable, then you should use separators, for example, a vertical line. You can add it in any application to create an email signature.

  19. Track attendance
  20. You have added links to your social networks or blog to your email signature. But how do you know if someone follows them? Make them traceable and watch the traffic statistics: you can use link abbreviations for social networks, and UTM tags for a website or blog.

  21. Enter the country code
  22. If you work with people around the world, do not forget to include your country code before the phone number. Telephone country codes can be found here.

  23. Include a call to action
  24. "Call to action" (call to action) is a great addition to your email signature. It should be simple, relevant and unobtrusive. It is better to perform it in the same style as the entire email signature. A call to action may be an offer to subscribe to your blog or attend your presentation, so it should be updated periodically.

  25. Do not forget about the mobile version
  26. According to the Litmus website, 56% of emails open on mobile devices. The more people using portable gadgets, the more attention should be paid to correctly display on them any of your content, including email signatures. Make sure your text is large enough to read well on a small screen, and it’s convenient to click on the links and icons with your finger. How to optimize email-content for mobile devices, read our article.

  27. Check for spam
  28. Email clients may accept email with incorrect email-signatures as spam. Therefore, check if your letter does not fall into the coveted folder.

  29. Duplicate in English
  30. It is not necessary to always repeat the information in the email signature, but if you work with English-speaking partners, this can be very useful.

Important little thing

Even a seemingly insignificant detail, like email-signature, can play an important role in promoting your business and affect your professional image, so you should take time to develop it. To do this, you can use both the editor in email clients and special services.

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