How to make an Instagram profile: instructions for business

Why it is important to beautifully and correctly execute Instagram

There is a Russian proverb: they meet by clothes, they escort by mind. It applies to Instagram - as soon as a person hits your page, he evaluates it and makes a decision about a subscription. Here are the evaluation factors (add if I'm wrong):

  • It is very necessary / interesting that you write / post;
  • you want to buy something or choose and then buy;
  • as an option - you want to laugh or you are incredibly furious, this is your personal hater for many years to come.

By the way, good enemies must also be earned ;-)

Conclusion: the appearance of your account does affect how many of your subscribers will eventually become your customers or fans. Or who you want to attract there.

Let's figure out how to make your inst kosher.

How to choose a nickname for the account

Do you have a blog or a creative page? If your name is not Evlampiada, then, most likely, your name is already taken to use. Then I recommend playing in the association: for example, Tanya Kazakova chose a short @fitlife_beauty. Associations are clear if you speak English.

For a business page, everything is also quite simple: you can specify the brand name and activity. Example: @nikesportswear. More than clear. Or you can make a profile name a request by which people will search for your account: "Omsk nogotochki", for example. Just use the common abbreviations: Kaliningrad - Klg, not Kal (the names of cities from flights to help you).

Do not complicate - try not to use too long and complex nicknames that will be difficult to remember and even more so to reproduce without reference. By the way, my nickname @yyoula was invented by the good old nickname youla in ICQ, before the already known application appeared.

Try playing with the dot if the desired nickname is busy: @ s.tradivari. And keep in mind that the number of characters - no more than 30.

I will not write about where exactly in the settings to register a nickname. All the technical details are in this guide.

What you need to remember about indexing on Instagram

Search can be carried out by nickname, hashtag and geotagging. Therefore:

  • Make your nick simple and memorable - the user should be easy to find you in the search for social networks.
  • Use hashtags in the profile description, because you can now subscribe to them and, therefore, find you.
  • Specify a geographical location if you are looking for a narrow audience (city, region).

Proper profile description: link, emoji and hashtags

To describe the profile, choose a language close to your target audience. But do not abuse foreign words.

Example: for an online store of exclusive fabrics from Europe, we used the slogan “UNIQUE FABRICS AND SEWING KITS”. We are well aware of those designers and craftsmen who make unique designer fabrics from DG, Dior, Barberry and know their value. We do not focus on buyers of cheap fabrics in bulk purchases from Uzbekistan (as an option).

Specify the means of communication - only not for a tick, but reliable ones. You should regularly check your e-mail, answer calls by phone number, be ready to meet customers at the address (if there is an offline store).

In the "Website" section, provide a link to the website.

If you have several promotion channels and you monitor traffic using web analytics systems, create UTM for a link from Instagram using special services. In my opinion, the most convenient tool from Tilda, but you can choose any suitable one.

UTM-label is needed if you need not only to identify the site, but also to obtain additional data. For example, when it’s interesting not only that the user has transferred from Instagram, but you want to clearly know whether he acted after directing correspondence, transferred from a profile description or from an ad to a blogger. With proper configuration, you can count not only the number of clicks on the links, but also the number of leads and payments / purchases.

To make your link fit in the bio profile and look more attractive, use link shortening services, for example, Bitly.

Profile description is limited to 180 characters, so use emoticons to reduce and visually highlight the structural sections of the description. And the use of Emoji helps to give the text emotionality. So phone, delivery methods (aircraft, mail, etc.) are easier to separate with a graphic sign than to write a word.

What to write about yourself? List the types of goods, tell us what you do. Place an offer: offer a discount, free useful material and the like. Or contacts your PR manager, if necessary. Some profiles duplicate communication methods. Use multi-link services to create a single link for all methods of fast communication with you.

Also recently, the profile description has added the ability to add tags and links to other instagram accounts. The developers claim that this is a new way to express yourself and show what things interest you. Such links are clickable: the user can easily switch to another account or search by hashtags. This way you can advertise through a personal account, for example, your store / brand whose ambassador you are. Many bloggers do it.

You can specify your brand / corporate hashtag. Or a popular hashtag among the target audience that fits your description. Or, for example, collect comments on the hashtag about your event / product / service, so that the user can quickly get acquainted with them.

Did you see an unusual font in the Instagram account description? As an option - try to use this technique. You can do this on the Sprezz Keyboard website or using an iOS application of the same name (although the service does not support Cyrillic).

About how to properly make an avatar for a profile, I wrote in my instaide.

Stories Highlights: learning to post archived "Stories"

Highlights are “Stories” that appear below the profile description and are not deleted after 24 hours.

How to make Stories Highlights

To transfer your “Story” to Highlights, click after publishing “Highlight” → “Add to Current”. There are several such sections.

For Stories Highlights, you can select a title and add a cover (you can edit it).

The cover can be cropped at your discretion.

If you add new "Stories" to the archives, the updated sections will be listed first.

If you want to edit the archive, go to the profile and hold down the button of the desired archive - a menu pops up that prompts you to delete or edit Stories Highlights.

Requirements for banners in the story:

  • Aspect ratio from 1:91 to 4: 5.
  • Recommended resolution: 1080 x 1920, minimum: 600 x 1067.

What to post in the "Stories"

  1. Separate catalogs of your products and services, delivery and payment information. Promotions and sales, updating the range. And, of course, publish customer reviews.
  2. Categories, under which your content goes to the story.

By the way, in the "Stories" you can now share posts (yours and others), so it is easy to make any collections. For example, to collect in the archive all the drawings / competitions. Or reviews of read books. Or your published articles (if you have the opportunity to attach links to the story, you can immediately lead readers from Instagram to the site). Travel, interviews, repairs, cosmetics - something that you won’t find among bloggers.

  1. Announcements of significant events and events, if you think that it is worthwhile to attract special attention to them.
  2. Information about yourself, your team or project.
  3. F.A.Q. (answers on questions). For example, how to place an order or how to get to the store. In F.A.Q. You can answer any questions from your subscribers.

Create a unique Instagram style: 2 rules and 3 ways to arrange posts in the profile

There are two basic rules that you need to manage to follow at the same time:

  1. Everything that you do, you do for those people whom you consider the target audience of the project.

Lyrical digression. Some people think that analogies are meaningless. But not me. I played here with my daughter in "Lego". Masha built unstable houses, alien chicken coops and other psychedelic buildings. And she asked me the same question: "How are you?" So - as a child builds from a designer, only to find out the parent's opinion about his buildings, so the design of your account on Instagram is not for you. That is, the question "How do you?" must meet your potential customers. Not a wife (or husband). Not the editor's wife / husband. And not you yourself.

  1. If you take into account the views of all outside observers of registration, you will never hear a unanimous opinion.

Such garbage happens everywhere. Therefore, you can rely on your intuition and experience of competitors. And, yes, you can still ask the designer or your astrologer :-)

And now to the ways:

  1. Single color space (gamma, if you are comfortable). One filter for all photos is the easiest way to post-process photos.
  1. Chess She is already tired of everyone, but as a way of registration remains relevant. You can try to find a more modern version of its execution.
  1. Collages. You can do it on separate posts or gash the entire account (all the same notorious instal-landings, only better). I believe that it does not make sense to spend resources on collageing an entire account, but if you do it for the soul, why not.

Making texts for publications attractive: 5 tricks that not everyone knows

  1. Now the text on Instagram is removed under the "Read full" die. AND THEREFORE, MANY WRITES ARE HEADING HERE SO. In principle, as an option. For example, for the visually impaired :-). I advise you to start with questions and provocations.
  2. We divide the text into paragraphs. You are welcome. If a lot of text, better remove the part in the first comment. Using autoposting software? There is even a function of the first comment under the publication.
  3. Hashtags clean in the basement or enter organically in the text. The main requirement is # not # write # here # so # this # is terrible # annoying.
  4. Use emoticons to highlight key information or for emotionality.
  5. Use visual delimiters: these can be ellipses and, of course, emoji.

Processing photos and videos on Instagram: 15+ useful links

I collected a selection of all the necessary articles for your instagram profile.

Photo and video tools:


And I want to finish the article with the words of Jeffrey Zeldman: "Content precedes design. Design without content is not design, it is a decoration." So pay attention not only to visualization, but also to the content - texts, ideas, meanings. Be creative and inspire!

Watch the video: How to create an Instagram Business Account step by step (November 2019).


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