How to hold giveaway contests on Facebook: rules, tools and tricks against prisms

Good livevies force participants to get acquainted with the product in detail and bring cheaper subscribers than facebook ads. Let us analyze how to run a successful giv, do not merge prizes for nothing and do not annoy the participants.

Tips are also suitable for competitions on Instagram and Vkontakte.

Facebook rules regarding contests and advertising

Read Facebook Promotion Rules (3rd point). Facebook requires that you:

  • registered official rules with the requirements and conditions for the participants;
  • in the contest description, Facebook was released from liability;
  • the rules did not encourage participants to use personal chronicles and links. For example, you cannot ask for "share a post" and "mark a friend in a publication."

These rules are violated regularly, but I do not know of any company whose competition would be banned for failing to comply with these points. That is, for the appeal to "share publication", the Facebook administration does not cancel contests, but you do it at your own peril and risk. I advise you to follow these rules more strictly only when you are planning a large-scale campaign with an expensive prize and a large advertising budget.

If you are going to advertise the competition, then study advertising rules. Facebook advertising is strictly controlled. The social network will not approve the promotion of alcohol, gambling, nutritional supplements, tobacco, etc.

There is also a requirement for the text on the image - it is desirable that it be no more than 15% of the total area of ​​the image. Otherwise, Facebook will purposefully reduce the reach of your ad, and fewer people will see it.

The amount of text can be checked in the official Facebook service. If everything is in order, the service will display a green check mark.

It is clear that competitive pictures should be made as informative as possible and the conditions should be spelled out in words, but if you want to launch an advertisement, you will have to cut it down and cheat. For example, remove the text part from the logo or put the icon instead of the word "gift".

When it is necessary and not necessary to run giveaway

Contests are not a panacea. If you want to get the most clean and interested audience - this is not your option, as along with the targeted subscribers will come prizolov. If you have a new page without subscribers, and you are not ready to allocate at least 10,000 rubles for a gift and promotion - also by, since the competition will go unnoticed. If you sell dentures and want to play your product - it’s not worth it, because few people will want to take part in the raffle. This applies to all narrow niches.

I single out 3 cases when a livei will benefit.

Giveaway in honor of the launch of the project

This is a cheap and fast way to collect the first subscribers so that the page looks decent from the very first days. The main thing - will have to work on coverage. At the start, you will not have many subscribers, which means:

  • Register hashtags # contest #giveaway. But only in the event that you pursue quantity and are not afraid of prisms. On this channel they will come mainly.
  • Run the ad. Write down possible target audiences and their interests. And then start advertising at once to several audiences and evaluate who responds better.

There is no point in making an advertisement through a complicated Facebook account. Run it directly from the tape, setting only the budget, site and audience.

Important: when creating advertising do not forget to exclude Instagram from the sites for placement.

Post a competition in groups. Publications can be made in groups of free announcements (there are usually many participants in such groups), in thematic groups and in "buy-sell" groups. Such groups can be easily found in the search engine Facebook for advertising type requests: "ads", "advertising", "board", "poster".

Order ads from bloggers or from users with a large list of friends. Find popular people in your field and send them a request to share the publication. If this is a novice blogger or just a sociable person, you can negotiate a barter.

Ask pages with a similar topic to share your competition. Most likely such advertising will be cheaper than bloggers. Commercial pages can also be promised that you will put their ads on your website as soon as you have more fans.

Do not attract direct competitors, cooperate with those who just have a similar audience. For example, if you have a baby clothes shop, contact a baby food store.

Tip: in the case of publication on a commercial page, transfer a small amount to the administrator for promotion - let the administrator launch targeted ads to subscribers of your page. This is important because Facebook shows the publication of approximately 10% of subscribers, and the percentage can only be increased through advertising. If the administrator agrees to such a scheme, then it is necessary that it was not a repost, but a new picture with an appeal and a link to the competitive publication. This is important because Facebook does not allow to advertise repost.

Contests with partners

If you have a partner with whom you have similar audiences, you can exchange subscribers with the help of liveaway.

Somehow on behalf of a new clothing store, I launched a competition with a sports club, which was located in the same building. This made it possible for people who pass by our new store several times a week about themselves. This and us and our partners also allowed us to attract new subscribers who have not yet subscribed to any of us.

Competitions with partners are still beneficial because the text and image can be made similar. This saves time on creating materials.

Competition in honor of the launch of a new product

One of the good ways to present a new product is to play it. Make simple conditions in the contest and briefly tell about the novelty.

What to indicate in the competitive publication

Be sure to specify:

  • what a prize
  • what should be done,
  • when the draw.

With such a minimum, the competitive publication looks concise and tempting.

You can also add:

  • a small description of the prize
  • how to choose a winner
  • how will contact the winner and give the prize,
  • geography (residents of which countries / cities can participate)
  • restrictions / additional conditions
  • link to the details / rules.

If you have a lot of prizes and challenging conditions, I advise you to make a separate page with details.

We started the competition, where there were 3 sponsors, and each has its own prize. With all the conditions, the publication turned out to be rather long, and it would be too much to chew on the nuances.

We left an important minimum in the post, and for a detailed description of gifts and rules we created a page on the site builder - Readymag. We have prescribed the procedure for receiving the prize, restrictions on participation, and most importantly - described in more detail the product of each sponsor. They also mentioned the exemption of Facebook from liability (the same clause, which is described in their rules for conducting promotions).

Sample page with rules and description of gifts

You can use Readymag, Tilda, Facebook notes, or even Google Docs to create these pages. Links then advise to reduce the service Bitly.

Here are the formulations that can be spelled out in detailed terms (insert your text instead of italics):

  • Competition Organizer - Feyknews Companyregister number - 123456789.
  • The competition takes place on the page / s Feyknews on Facebook and Instagram.
  • All residents can participate in the competition. Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
  • Participants must be over 18 years old.
  • The competition does not include users who shared more than 3 contests in their tape over the past week.
  • One user can send unlimited number of applications.
  • The organizer of the competition can exclude the participant if he did not fulfill one or several conditions.
  • The organizer is not responsible for non-compliance with the participants.
  • Competition runs from January 16 to January 31 until 13:59 inclusive. After that, applications for participation in the competition are not accepted.
  • To participate you need 1. Subscribe to the Feyknews page; 2. Indicate your city in the comments.
  • The competition will be 12 winners. Everyone will get annual subscription to the magazine.
  • Winners will be announced January 31, 2019. The organizer will contact them via private messages on Facebook.
  • Winners are chosen randomly using the service.
  • Gift can be obtained only personally, cannot be received in cash or transferred to another.
  • Answer letter the organizer about winning a prize need for weeks after sending.
  • The contest is not sponsored, administered or otherwise controlled by Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the competition or cancel the competition at any time.
  • By taking part in the contest, the participant confirms that the organizer can indicate his name on Facebook when announcing the winners.
  • Photographs, videos or texts created for the contest can be used on the brand pages or in other promotional materials.

Coming up with the conditions and nuances for the competition, remember the important rule: the cheaper the prize - the easier the conditions should be. The value of the winnings and the cost of participation must be comparable.

What to do when the contest is running

Do not let the competition take its course. And do not expect it to spread over the network without any support.

  • Pin the post at the top of the page.
  • Set yourself a reminder of the date when you need to choose a winner. Often they forget to do this on the appointed day.
  • Announce the contest on your site and other social networks.
  • Share the publication in groups with free ads and in thematic groups. This can be repeated every 2-3 days.
  • Look through the comments - sometimes there are questions and complaints, and not just requests for participation.
  • Take care that content marketing works particularly well during the competition. Some of the participants after the contest unsubscribe, give them a reason to stay. Let the users stay with you because of the benefits, even if they initially signed up for the prize.
  • 1-2 days before the end of the competition, post a reminder that the competition will end soon, and there is one last chance to participate.

Services to select the winner

If you choose winners randomly, you will need service. I like these three —, Fanpage Karma, and RandomPicker.

Random number generator. The easiest and most popular service. I choose a winner with him in two ways:

  1. I give all participants serial numbers, and then on the main page of the service I generate a random number.
  1. I bring all the winners to the table and copy it into the randomizer lists.

Fanpage karma

With this service, you can choose the winner the fastest. You do not need to collect the names of participants in the lists, as in other services. Minus - will have to give access to your account.

It is very simple to use: on the main page you need to log in with your facebook account, insert a link to the post and launch the program. The service will give several results, and you will be able to choose which criterion to announce the winner.


Paid, but reliable service to determine the random winner. It can be used free of charge only in small competitions (up to 100 participants).

The results of the draw are saved on the site, and you can show users that the lottery was conducted fairly and according to all the rules.

Using RandomPicker, you can publish a sample protocol with a stamp, and participants will see basic information about the draw, the number of participants, the winners, etc.

Tips and lifehacks

Use your product as a gift.

If you give iPhones and other expensive gadgets, you will surely attract the prize players, and your product will go to the background and lose attention.

Do not delay the choice of the winner for the last moment

Get a table for the names of the participants on the first day and add the names as quickly as possible. Collecting names takes more time than it might seem. It’s better to have a table in Google Docs so that it can be accessed from any device.

If the prizes do not fit into the picture, give them a link

If it is impossible to attach photos of all prizes to the post, give a link to an album or catalog. It is important that users see that they can win. It's easier to decide: to participate or not. If the photos are tempting, then there will be more motivation.

Hold contests for no longer than 3 weeks

The best option is 1-2 weeks. If the competition lasts for months, people lose or initially do not show interest.

Add rules against prisms

Write in terms of one or more of these rules:

  • accounts that share contests more than 3 times a week do not participate in the competition;
  • accounts without a profile photo do not participate;
  • Those who started an account less than a month ago do not participate.

Adding these points will reduce your engagement, but the quality of the audience will improve. And if you determine the winner by chance, it will deprive the prize of the rights to receive the prize, and you will give the gift in good hands.

You can complicate the rules and give a prize not for a repost, but for the best photo in the comments, the correct answer to a question or an inspiring story. But keep in mind that this will further reduce the number of participants and coverage.

We held a competition where instead of standard conditions we asked participants to publish a recipe with our products. There were less than 20 participants, but these were our customers, and they generated conditionally free content for us: we published the recipes on the website and on social networks.

Give a bonus to all participants.

Sometimes the prize is not valuable enough and does not encourage participation. In such cases, you can add incentive in the form of a discount: "Everyone who repost the contest will also receive a 10% discount." So you can get sales at the very beginning of the competition.

As a bonus, you can also offer an e-book, educational materials or a subscription to a useful newsletter.

Take a picture of the winner and publish the photo

For gifts usually come smiling people. Take a couple of photos, ask people that they like more, and post on social networks. This shows that real people received the promised prizes, which means that you can participate in your contests.

Play a prize in parallel in several social networks

The cost of the prize remains the same, but the coverage can be increased. Even if there are not many participants in one of the social networks - it’s not scary, it will be in the other. Make a square picture, because This format looks good in all social networks.

Do not forget to add information to the contest description in order to direct users, and so that there will be no “deceived” participants.

Choose the winners honestly, so that users believe the organizers of livevays :-)

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