How to make a chat bot for the group "VKontakte": step by step instructions

Sometimes communication with subscribers takes a lot of time. Solve this problem with the VK chat bot. 24/7, he will answer customer questions and engage them in the sales funnel while you are doing more important things.

With the help of our instructions, you can make and set up a chat bot for the VKontakte group in a couple of hours.

What can chat bot VK do

Involve the subscriber in an event or newsletter. Using the "Reaction to subscribe to the community" feature, invite a newbie to subscribe to the newsletter, tell him about a new promotion or a rally.

Keep the subscriber from leaving the community. When the user clicks on the "Unsubscribe" button, the chat bot will send a letter with the words of regret or offer a discount.

Help the client to resolve the issue. Chat bot will pick the right product, talk about discounts or simplify navigation through the community. With the help of certain commands, the subscriber can request the information of interest, and the chat bot will give it.

To conduct games, polls, contests. Chat bot will entertain the user with a game or collect the necessary information about the target audience using a survey.

Give answers to frequently asked questions. The user can write because he is just bored, or wants to learn more about the product. Chat bot will respond to the buyer and ask clarifying questions.

Next, we show how to create and configure a chat bot using the constructor and the Senler mailing service.

Join a group in

After registering with the service, tie the community to your personal account.

  1. Select from the list the group where the chat bot will work.
  1. Give the service access to the community.
  1. Connect the starter template to start working with the chat bot.

The service will link the group to the template and open the office. You must immediately set the settings so that the bot turns off if the administrator enters into a dialogue with the subscriber.

  1. In the left column, click "Bot Control".
  1. Specify the time during which the bot will not be able to interfere in the dialogue → save.

On the right side are the reaction sections, which can be used to set up a chat bot.

In the screenshot you will see the points by which you can configure the bot. In the article, the chain of reactions will be configured on the sales funnel.

Subscription Reaction

The man decided to subscribe to your community - this is a chance to engage him in an auto link.

  1. Go to the "Subscription Reaction".
  1. Greet the subscriber in the letter, offer assistance in navigating the content through the newsletter.

As a result, when a person signs up for a group, he will receive a message from the chat bot.

The response to the reply

We go to the section "Reaction to the formal reply" and do the same as in the previous paragraph. We write the text that the user receives when he clicks the "Unsubscribe" button.

After unsubscribing, the user can see, for example, such a message from the chat bot "VKontakte".

Welcome Message with Senler

In Robochat, a welcome message is sent only once. This is not very convenient, because the subscriber can unsubscribe several times and subscribe to the newsletter. Therefore, a greeting message is better to connect through the mailing service. I use Senler.

Log in to the personal account of your mailing service.

  1. Mailings → new mailing.
  1. Write a welcome message and add keywords to which the chat bot will respond.
  2. Auto-message → read referrals → save.

The subscriber will receive such a letter.

The letter contains 4 teams - we will write them in

Command Setup

Return to the service.

  1. Scripts → create a team.
  1. In the first field write the keyword.
  2. In the "Answer bot" write an answer. Be sure to indicate that you can return to the top of the menu using the command (otherwise the chat bot will respond to other commands as if it were an error).

This is what the message will look like.

We do the same with the other teams: "1-3", "3-6". For the game team "Chase" the chain will be a little more difficult.

Chat bot game

Now we need to think for the team "Chase" a chain of questions and answers.

  1. Create a new team, enter the question.
  2. Select the "Switch to another command if" form and enter the correct answer.
  3. In the script, select a previously created key (the correct answer).
  1. In the key write the next question and the new key with the correct answer.

That's what happened.

Dynamic buttons

Buttons can be embedded at any stage. The article will show how to do this with the team "drove".

  1. Scenario → menu → keyboard commands.
  2. In the panel with buttons write the keyword → add transition → script to the key “drive” → save.

It looks like a button in the message.

You can experiment with buttons: make a lot of buttons with variants of answers, change their colors, connect them at all stages.

Frequently asked questions

Often users greet and wait for an answer before asking a question. So that the subscriber does not have to wait for the administrator to read the message, create a reaction to the greeting.

  1. In the "Scripts" section, create the keywords "hello", "hello" so that the chat bot will immediately respond to the message.
  2. Make other frequent requests. For example: "how are you", "help", "want to buy", "delivery", "action", etc.

What is the result chat bots designer and Senler mailing service significantly save time on communicating with customers and help automate the promotion in VKontakte. You yourself saw how they:

  1. Involved the subscriber in the newsletter.
  2. Persuaded him not to unsubscribe from the community.
  3. Helped find the right information.
  4. Played a game.
  5. Talked to the client.

And all this without your participation.

You can experiment and create more complex chains of reactions. To help you, we have collected 25 ideas of introducing a chat bot based on the experience of famous brands. Use.

Watch the video: How to make chat bot for line (October 2019).

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