Who is SMO, or Cheat Sheet for those who are looking for him / want to become one

Once I was offered an interesting position with an interesting salary. Interesting, because the title of the position - CMO - I translated it as you please: smug wholesale manager, spectacular glasses marketer, crazy little optimizer. Superficial guglezh lowered me from heaven to earth: CMO - Chief Marketing Officer. Simply put - director of marketing.

The article is useful to entrepreneurs who have allocated a marketing department in the company, but do not know who, how and for what salary he will head. The rest will find information for growth and understand what skills you need to develop in order to climb the career ladder.

What does the director of marketing do?

The marketing director must know everything about the product and the company. The area of ​​responsibility begins with the product development process, and ends with the shelf life. Only then the consumer will not make claims on quality, will not say that the product does not meet expectations.

The main task of the company is to bring the company's product to the market, make it popular, and ensure the influx of new customers. And also to keep or return the old ones.

Another marketing director:

  1. Manages the department, supports communication with salespeople and production.
  2. Organizes the study of consumers and competitors, after-sales service.
  3. Forms the company's short-term / long-term marketing policy; creates a recognizable brand and maintains its reputation.
  4. Examines the company's products, analyzes ways of adjusting to customer needs.
  5. Forms assortment and pricing.
  6. Plans and organizes exhibitions, presentations.
  7. Manages the budget for advertising and PR.

Where is taught to a marketing director

If you are just wondering where to go, look at the departments of sociology, management, and trade. These areas offer direct marketing specialization. At the faculties of psychology, economics and finance marketing is taught in several disciplines, but they do not focus on it.

To enter a university, a marketer needs to take the exam in mathematics, social studies and Russian. In modern realities require an additional exam in a foreign language.

The cost of training in cities is very different. If at the Nizhny Novgorod "Institute of Management and Business," training costs 22,000 rubles per year, then at Moscow State University it amounts to 315,000 (detailed pricing is available at Uchebype.ru).

For advanced training, you can take additional courses, including the MBA ("Strategic Marketing", "Marketing and Sales"). The cost is 300-700 thousand for two years of education and a little less than 300,000 for education with distance elements. In the regions, prices vary, but 190,000 per point is the minimum.

And, of course, you can take various courses on the Internet. We collected them in the article "Knowledge is Power: 90 Internet Marketing Courses + 5 Sites for Online Training."

What the Chief Marketing Officer should know

The basic knowledge for the SMO is:

  • legislative and regulatory acts, general legislative issues that may become a stumbling block in the company's marketing policy;
  • methods of studying the market, consumer demand and motivation;
  • how to analyze statements, assess financial conditions and market capacities;
  • the basics of labor organization and management, safety, industrial hygiene, labor safety standards;
  • what is the profit from sales, return on investment, asset turnover, etc.

The company will get most of the necessary information from your company - it is pointless to demand specific knowledge of a particular industry.

Also remember: "know" and "be able" are different things. You can get out of a better university, know the theory from books and not be able to make decisions. Then the new director will not bring anything except a hole in the budget. Therefore, pay attention to competencies, not to the level of profile awareness.

What competencies should a marketing director have?

Not everyone can be an effective QS. Introverted in the post is difficult because of the large number of communications. An active extrovert is also not suitable - you need perseverance and the ability to work with a large amount of information. So it is advisable to find a middle ground.

Other competencies require:

  • the ability to see the situation as a whole;
  • competent oral and written speech, ability to negotiate;
  • attentiveness;
  • ability to listen and hear, admit mistakes;
  • critically evaluate your own decisions and decisions of colleagues;
  • strategic thinking.

So that you can evaluate the QS, we have prepared an assessment sheet on competencies.

What salary can a marketing director in Russia expect?

Most applicants live in Moscow. It is understandable - the salary of SMO in the capital is 15% higher than in St. Petersburg. And more than 50% higher than in the regions.

If you look at the salary of SMOs in Russia on HeadHunter, it is clear that there are companies offering more substantial rewards.

Why is it difficult to find an effective employee?

Companies and SMOs are frustrated with each other due to inconsistencies with expectations.

The first hopes that a new person will immediately lead a crowd of customers. At the same time, he will set up an advertising campaign in Yandex, promote a blog, prepare a plan for merchandisers, and invent a new product. Without a budget, of course. For this, the owners promise to pay up to 100,000 rubles.

Pros do not like this approach. As well as the fact that instead of serious tasks and planning it is necessary to be engaged in linear work.

Another reason is personal bias.

The owner of the company pays attention to the qualities that the employee wants to see. Competences in his picture of the world are overboard. Be SMO at least three times beautiful, if the owner is looking for a former KVNschika with charisma, he will sweep the other type of people.

This also includes the attitude of the employer to the tasks: he can present them in a different light than the market and the situation in the company require.

The third and, perhaps, the main reason why it is difficult to find an employee is the inability to understand who is suitable for work.

Marketing is divided into directions:

  • line unit - indicators are easy to measure (mostly internet marketing);
  • analytics - promotion strategies, sales planning and research;
  • Staff unit - supporting marketing functions - merchandising, branding, PR.

And SMO should not understand in all directions at once. An effective employee works only in one of them. Most often, the company loses budgets and time if it hires a specialist who does not meet the objectives.

P. S. If you are looking for SMO, set the right requirements, and if you are a SMO, gain the necessary competencies. In any case - good luck to you :-)

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