Fear the walking dead: how to get rid of bots in Instagram

Did an unscrupulous contractor promise you live subscribers and potential customers? Instead of targeted comments and ordinary users in the subscribers you have one slag, spam and shops? Layfkhak from "Texterra": how to get rid of the markups and make your Instagram alive.

Why cheating harm your profile?

Who do we consider bots and dead souls?

  • Business accounts / bloggers who practice mass-trailing and massively subscribe to users.
  • Bots that we offer services on cheat: an empty account without content and subscribers, which was created only to create the appearance of the volume of subscribers.

Such subscribers are basically not interested in your content, their goal is beautiful numbers. In the first case - to get them, in the second - to sell.

Reach arithmetic is simple: the more subscribers respond to your content, the better for you. But bots and mass-trappers ignore your publications, therefore:

  • despite the rapid growth of subscribers and their large number, there is little activity;
  • spam or similar comments (if any);
  • low reach of your posts to live subscribers.

So, dead weight can and should be periodically blocked, but do it carefully.

Instructions for identifying and deleting stranded Instagram followers

  1. Open the telegram-bot getpapabot and click the "Start" button.
  2. Enter the link to the profile via @:
  1. Wait for the link to appear. Go and pay:
  1. Wait for the analysis to complete:
  1. When the analysis is completed, the information will be available by reference. Looks like this:
  1. You can select all mass-trailers with the number of subscriptions from 1,000. Make sure that your customers and subscribers do not use mass-trailing as a means of promotion, go through the lists.
  2. Convert csv to xlsx here, for example.
  3. Open the resulting Excel file, click "Data" - "Filter" - "Create New" and select the desired column (we have this - subscriptions).
  4. Specify the filtering condition: for example, greater than or equal to 500/1000/2000 - at your discretion.
  5. Copy the selected cells and create a new list in txt format.
  6. Now this list is left to be thrown into any service for blocking through the list (choose any: "Instaplus", "AML", etc.). Review of prices and functional services available in our "most detailed instructions."
  7. Check the quality of your subscribers after buying advertising from a blogger, after marketing and other advertising actions. The frequency of checks you tell the heart. Or a customer.

Pros and cons of cleaning from bots

You will increase the coverage of posts, thanks to getting rid of bots and mass-traders.The number of subscribers will not be beautiful (it will be honest!).
You can show advertisers and subscribers that you do not have bots and the audience is alive.
Protect your space from unwanted subscribers and spam comments.

Instead of conclusion

Of course, cleaning from bots is not all. Work on the quality of the content, monitor traffic to increase engagement and results will not take long to wait. Honest to you advance!

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