Home page of the site: how to do it right?

It would be a mistake to approach the creation of the main page of the site as an ordinary ordinary task of Internet marketing. This is not an easy problem, here you need to try to create a kind of of outline commercial site, or, if you will, its essence. In this case, there is still more to hook the reader, that is, a potential client. Make him commit expected actions, engage in a specific conversion scenario. How to do it? We hope our article will help find the answer to the question of what to write on the main page of the site.

A good slogan worth its weight in gold

When the developer is faced with the question of how to write texts for the main pages, he should first think about the site title (or the slogan. This is familiar to us from the news headlines in modern media: if the phrase is bright, extraordinary, capacious, easy to read, it will certainly attract a much larger number of visitors — sometimes dozens of times than dull, formal, which reluctantly came up with just for the sake of it. The good title itself is half the success (or even more!), it’s the essence of the message itself. caustically readers Title learn the most important thing about an event or incident, and then in the text along the way are already familiar with in further detail. The very culture of reading has undergone enormous changes, and experienced marketer should always take this into account.

Approximately the same is true with the title for the site. If he is well and professionally made, then there is a selling effect, and the slogan begins to work. Most famous world brands are known to us primarily for short phrases from advertising. The task of the web copywriter is to try to create the same for the site.

However, if you overdo it with “screaming” and deliberately vivid effects, then the slogan may seem strained and ridiculous, which can damage reputation. However, the slogan is a piece goods, there are no general recipes, only a sense of measure and taste can help.

Have time to hook the client

Is it worth it to clutter the showcase of an Internet resource with the fact that it does not arouse the reader’s direct interest? Hardly. We need to take care of the client, and not force it to wade through a windbreak of irrelevant information (if this content is “expensive as a memory”, then you can hide it deep into the site without putting it on public display).

Internet marketing experts even set aside a time period - you have no more than ten seconds to hook the reader. In the form of experience, try to imagine that you are the same hurried customer, and prepare a stopwatch. What will attract you on the site in the first place? What will hurt? What will be missing? And, most importantly, would you like to use the services? Each such remark is a reason for a separate study of the first page. If the site’s showcase should be improved, it will play with new colors.

It may also be advisable to use short sentences, not to burden the text with lengthy (participatory) participle turns, to break phrases that are difficult for perception into several parts. Of course, we are not talking about the intentional primitivization of the text. The reader is unlikely to like it if the developers of the site treat him down, utterly exaggerating the material. Here you can advise to stick to the rule of the golden mean.

It will also be good to divide the text into short parts, providing them with subtitles. For user convenience, there should be links to sections and deep links to individual materials.

In the descriptions of modern products is often present the definition of "ergonomic", it is not only comfort in itself, but also ease of use. In our opinion, a modern website should be just that. Make friends with your reader and client, create acceptable conditions for them in the virtual space. And then he will answer you in return.

Uniqueness, originality, relevance

Another important requirement for the text of the main page of the site is the uniqueness of the content. We have previously given a number of recommendations on this topic. It is worth repeating once again that in no case can you copy content from other sites, simply replacing the name of the company. Otherwise, there may be problems with search engines, they simply will not promote the site with plagiarism and frankly bad rewriting, and this, in turn, will threaten the development of business (no more and no less!). Unique site content is a minimum task for the developer.

In addition, banality should be avoided, for example, the use of templates and conventional designs such as "for every taste", "wide range" or "dynamically developing company." The reader of our time does not perceive this anymore, and such techniques have long ceased to work. But, anyway, many still continue to write this way (and, apparently, will be). And we must try to make sure that your site compares favorably with the Internet resources in your industry.

You can not do without relevance. The site must be active, alive. In other words, at least once a week on the main page should appear new materials, articles, press releases, with, of course, succinctly concise headlines. The reader is unlikely to like it if he goes to your webpage and finds that nothing has changed there since the last visit. Will he come again? The answer is obvious.

"Dead" site - this is the right path to oblivion. Keep this in mind if you want your virtual brainchild to attract new visitors and generate revenue.

Task for professionals

And finally, you can mention the minor, but also significant factors. For example, the search window should be clearly visible on the first page of the site (otherwise the client, wishing, for example, to “drive” into the “search” the name of the product model of interest, will not find where to drive, and the buyer is in a hurry, and the further outcome is clear) It is worth paying attention to the design of the text, illustrations, color and size of the font. The tables and diagrams will not be superfluous (but again not tightly frozen). Of course, this is the work of a designer, but the author of the content should cooperate with him, not letting the matter run free and trying to see the whole outline of the first page as a whole.

So, the creation of the first page of the site is a very responsible task. Of course, you can act at your own risk and risk, by trial and error. But the fact is that at the moment most of the business sectors are developed, all the niches are occupied, and dozens of competing sites are operating in the chosen business sector.

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