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We begin our article with the basic principles of conducting an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct. If this information is redundant for you, you can skip ahead to the item “Preparing a site for an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct”. But we must stop at this. Unfortunately, too many calls to us come from people who want to order contextual advertising, while not understanding even the basic things.

There is a lot of useful information or attractive offers on your site, but its attendance is not as high as the content on the site deserves? Maybe it's time to turn to contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising is one of the ways to significantly increase traffic to your site. It is placed with the note "advertisement" before the natural results of the search engine in the block "special placement" and to the right of them in the block "guaranteed and dynamic displays".

The position of your contextual ad depends on the rate set by the company, i.e. cost per user click on an ad. The higher your bid, the higher your ad is placed on the search page. But there is another indicator that we will talk about a bit later - CTR.

What queries you want to show and with which advertisements, depends only on you. (Note in brackets that on a number of topics you need to provide supporting documents, certificates, etc.). The advertiser chooses search queries on his own, also indicates the time and region of the display, indicates the transition cost acceptable to him. These options enable the company to select the desired strategy. For example, your goal is to increase the reach of your ads. It can be implemented in two ways. The first way: you have to take the most popular (most frequent) requests. On the other hand, they, as a rule, are the most competitive. Thus, the cost of a single transition for such a request may be significantly higher than for the less frequency (and, consequently, less competitive). The second way is to increase the number of requests. They may be less popular, but in total they can provide the same coverage, and the cost of the transition will be lower. Hence the conclusion: expand the core queries.

If your campaign is aimed at a user of a particular region or a particular social status, a detailed search query will create the desired restriction. In addition, in this case, competing ads will be much less, and the cost of the transition will be lower. The main thing that should be taken into account when creating an advertisement is that the maximum compliance (relevance) to the user's request attracts attention better (the principle of visual "echo"). Otherwise, you will have to pay an ineffective click, and the site will increase the percentage of failures.

The main criterion for the effectiveness of contextual advertising - CTR (click-trough rate) - the percentage of the number of clicks to the advertiser's website to the number of ad impressions given to the user. CTR is no less (compared to the bid) affecting the position of the ad. Now we will explain on the fingers how it works.

Look here. Yandex.Direct is the main source of income for the largest Internet company in the Old World, which is Yandex. On the one hand, Yandex has created a closed ecosystem in which the market itself affects the cost of the product offered by the company (target visitor). The market itself - because it is the advertiser who sets the rate that he is willing to pay for the transition. The higher the price, the higher the ad will be (the more coverage, and accordingly, the more clicks). On the other hand, let's sort this example. By the same request - for example, "buy Renault Logan" - there are two companies. One creates an ad:

Title: Official dealer Renault Logan

Text: Machines in stock.

Another company creates an ad:

Title: Where to buy Renault Logan at a discount?

Text: Of course, we have! Discount up to 120,000 rubles only until March 15!

The first advertiser sets the rate (conditional prices) 3 cu for the transition, and the second - 2 cu Like, the first ad should be higher? But in practice, for one transition, the second ad needs 20 impressions, and the first one needs 50. Let's consider what happens. For 100 impressions, the first ad will receive 2 transitions of 3 USD each, the second ad will receive 5 USD 2 points each. Even a first grader can calculate that in the case of the first ad Yandex earns 6 cu, and in the second 10 cu. That's exactly why you need to strive to increase the CTR. And that is why the assigned transition cost is not all that affects your budget.

Preparing a site for an advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct

Yandex.Direct is the most popular system for placing contextual advertising in Russia. The minimum cost of a click in the system is 30 kopecks, the minimum order amount is no less than 300 rubles.

The most popular topic in Yandex in 2010 was the topic related to cars (18%), followed by topics about leisure and entertainment (9%), the Internet and computers (9%), equipment for business (6%), construction (5% ) and services for business (4%).

The most expensive key queries of any subject contain the words "buy", "prices", "cost".

The main condition for the success of contextual advertising is that the user, going to the site, should receive exactly what he was originally looking for, i.e. The page must be relevant to the request. If a user discovers information that has little to do with what interests him, he is in a hurry to leave your site.

The first thing that should be done by a company that decided on Direct is to carefully analyze its website. Effective contextual advertising involves some site preparation.

What should I look for before running in Direct? Here are the highlights below:

  • Responsibly approach creation of the landing page (landing page). The name of the company, its slogan, quick access to other goods and services will work for your brand. But these elements should not distract from the main content part, which should be fully devoted to the service (the product) for which the transition was made. For different groups of search queries there should be different landing pages! It is worthwhile to unite groups of search queries by their semantic proximity.
  • Be clear about your goals for yourself. You should be aware that an ad with its content should encourage a potential visitor to jump to a page, and a landing page with its content should motivate you to take an action (purchase, call, online order). The advertiser must understand the actions of the potential visitor (buyer) on the landing page. If a visitor has visited the site of an online store, the "order" or "buy" button should be on the most conspicuous place, or if the advertiser offers media files - the "download" button. If you want to sell a service, make an online order form for this service. In other words, consider a behavioral scenario. Here came the target visitor - and then what?
  • Do not forget to mention the advantages and advantages of the advertised service or product. Citing facts as an example, prove to users that they can trust you and that they should work with you. Be objective. The strongest argument is a true fact.
  • Simplify the process of user interaction with the page. If you need to fill out a form - simplify it to the maximum allowed. If you need to make a purchase - leave only those fields, without which you can not deliver the goods or process the order. Remember: a complex registration form will quickly tire a potential buyer and he will simply leave without making a purchase.
  • Design and page layout are important! Well-defined headlines, noticeable separate lists and built-in galleries improve the visual perception of the site. But at the same time observe one rule: each design element should work for your conversion script. Moreover, the design must be understood in the broadest sense. How your text is folded, what size is size, what is the line spacing - all this is also a design. And not just icons and colors.
  • The text content of the page is also important. In this case, the texts are better to adhere to the following approach. If you sell a product, concentrate on the product itself, its specifications, features, technical characteristics. If you are selling a service, it is very important to express the essence of your service, indicate its benefits, etc. UTP is very important for services - a unique trading advantage. What makes you different from competitors? Think about it. On the Internet, there are no non-competitive topics. You have literally a few seconds for your potential client to make a decision in your favor.
  • A convenient site navigation system will provide the user with quick access to the necessary information without spending extra time searching for it.
  • Do not clutter up the landing page of the site with unnecessary information. The average Internet user is a very lazy person who just scans the pages in search of the information he needs. Accordingly, to read a huge material, even if very interesting, it is unlikely to become. Ideally, the landing page contains only a squeeze, the essence is something that one simply cannot do without. But! But!! But!!! Pay attention to the length of our text. She is huge. And she, too, is a kind of boarding. The length of the text correlates with the potential of the text - its uniqueness, relevance, the alleged interest in this material of your audience. If you feel the strength to hold a person’s attention for as long as possible - your text can be any length J. But, for example, we would not write the same article describing the product in the online store. There is no potential for this.
  • Do not be afraid to indicate on the landing page the price of a product or service. For the user, the cost is more important than the name of your online store or its logo. Although here it should be noted that the price is far from the only and even far from the most important point. The buyer, as a rule, makes a decision not based only on one price, but on the basis of a complex weighted assessment of the price / cost of delivery / delivery time / quality of the goods, etc. Sometimes a product that is sold at prices above market prices is easier to sell - if you find the right arguments for your price.
  • Constantly inform visitors of your site about new promotions. The idea to save money and buy goods at a price with a big discount has always been extremely attractive. It is worth mentioning the possibility to purchase goods on credit (of course, if it exists).
  • Phone and company address should be in the header of the page template. In this case, the user will immediately find contact information, without wandering around the site for a long time. These elements are really important.
  • The presence on the website of the callback service is a big plus. The user only needs to fill out a simple electronic form with the name and phone number, and the manager will call him back.
  • For the convenience of users, place on the site additional services that can help the visitor to make a decision in your favor. For example, a calculator will allow the user to calculate the price of goods without opening additional applications or Internet pages.
  • The positive reviews of former and current customers of the company posted on the site have a positive impact on the reputation of the organization.
  • If your company has patents and certificates, be sure to show them to visitors. Recognition of the quality of your products and the merits of the company greatly increase the level of user confidence.

Summarize. The formula for a successful advertising campaign in Direct is:

  • correctly selected search queries;
  • well-formed advertisements (remember about CTR!);
  • accurate, concise, relevant, conversion and comprehensive landing pages.

Starting to prepare an advertising campaign in Direct, imagine yourself in the place of your potential customers, wondering: "Would I buy, if I were in the place of a potential buyer, this product / service on this site?".

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