How to accept payments on the site

There is a virtually infinite number of ways to make money online. However, all representatives of the e-commerce industry are faced with the same problem: how to convert online transactions into real money that lies in the merchant's current account. From this article you will learn how to accept payments on the site.

How can I pay for the product on the Internet

Your customers can pay you in real time in two ways: by bank card or electronic money. In turn, payments with bank cards can be made through an intermediary or directly on your website. Below you will find descriptions of these payment methods.

Payment by credit card through an intermediary

This method of receiving payments involves redirecting the buyer to the intermediary website. By clicking the "Buy" or "Pay for the order" button, your client is taken to a third-party resource.

The financial transaction is carried out on the intermediary site:

After making a payment, the user automatically returns to your site.

The most popular intermediaries providing card payments include: Robokassa, Z-Payment, Interkassa, LiqPay, RBK Money, QIWI, PayPal. The main advantages of organizing transactions through intermediaries include:

  • Low cost. You pay the intermediary a small commission for each payment.

  • Fast integration of online payments to the site. You do not need to meet with representatives of the mediator and sign the contract.

  • You are not responsible for the security of payments and personal data of the buyer.

  • The disadvantages of payments through intermediaries include the distrust of buyers. Many users are afraid to enter billing information on a third-party resource that they do not know. In addition, the payment of commission for each transaction may be unprofitable for large online stores with high turnover.

One of the most convenient services for receiving payments is LiqPay. To receive payments through this system, you need to:

  1. Register in the system. To do this, simply specify the cell phone number. LiqPay will send a one-time SMS password to it.
  2. In the "My Stores" menu, create a new store. Enter the name and URL of the store, as well as specify its category. Then specify the number of the bank card to which the payments will be credited.
  3. After that you will receive a payment button code for the site. You can also use ready-made plugins for CMS or libraries SDK.
  4. If you selected a payment button, enter the required data. Specify the name of the product, the type of button, payment method, website address.
  5. Paste the generated HTML code to the site.

Payment by credit card on the merchant website

This method involves conducting a transaction through the payment gateway of the acquiring bank. The user places an order on the seller’s website, and after selecting the “Pay” button, goes to the gateway page. After making the payment, the buyer automatically returns to the site.

Payment by card on the seller’s website has the following advantages:

  • The user remains on your site until the transaction is completed. This increases the credibility of the seller and reduces the number of refusals to complete the purchase.
  • Payment security is guaranteed by the acquiring bank. The probability of theft of personal data or funds from the client's account is practically absent.
  • Favorable terms of service for customers with high turnover.

The disadvantages of this payment method include the complicated procedure of connecting the service. For start-up online entrepreneurs and starting online stores, the costs may be too high.

To ensure payment by credit card on the site, you need:

  1. Choose a partner bank.
  2. Apply for service connection. Its consideration usually takes several days.
  3. Discuss the conditions of cooperation. Acquiring banks often offer individual rates to customers with high turnover.
  4. Sign a contract.
  5. Together with technical specialists of the bank realize payment through the gateway on your website.

Payment by electronic money

According to Rambler, 7% of buyers in Russian online stores prefer to pay for purchases with electronic money, for example, Yandex.Money or Webmoney. The benefits of this payment method include:

  • User trust. Many buyers are afraid to use bank cards for online payments. They register e-wallets and replenish them with the amount necessary to make the payment.

  • Ease of use for the seller and buyer.
  • The ability to almost instantly convert electronic money into rubles.
  • The possibility of making anonymous payments. This is important for some sellers, for example, for intimate goods stores.
  • The ability to make instant payments. This option is important for forex providers, bookmakers and other online projects.

You can activate the option of payment with electronic money through an intermediary service, for example, Robokassa, and also submit an application to the payment system operator. The first method allows you to adjust the reception of electronic money in a few hours. The second method guarantees maximum security and the most favorable payment terms.

In order to activate the application for accepting payments by Yandex.Money with crediting to the account of a legal entity, you need to submit an application on the website of the payment system. If you are an individual entrepreneur and plan to receive funds for your personal wallet in the Yandex.Money system, use the button designer.

For this:

  1. Select the required options on the button creation page.
  2. Enter the wallet number and get the button code.
  3. Insert a button on the site.

Create comfortable conditions for loyal customers

According to the statistics of Rambler, two thirds of the buyers of Russian online stores prefer to pay for goods in cash to the courier. These people are not ready to part with money until they touch the goods with their hands. The third part of buyers trusts you so much that they are ready to deposit money and expect delivery of the product. Encourage such trust, it saves your money and customer funds. Provide customers with the most convenient and secure online payment methods, including payments with bank cards on the website or through a reliable intermediary, as well as payments with electronic money.

What payment methods do you use? Share your experiences and impressions in the comments.

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