How to organize a Christmas newsletter: 3 main questions

In preparation for celebrating the New Year, the effectiveness of email marketing is especially enhanced, because Many are beginning to look for lucrative offers for gifts to relatives and friends. Properly designed Christmas newsletter will distinguish you from the crowd of competitors and draw the attention of subscribers. But how to arrange it so that your letters stand out from the rest and be really effective? To do this, you must ask yourself three questions. What are the questions? Read about it further.

Question number 1. How to issue a letter?

The first question we have to face is: how to issue a letter for the New Year's mailing so that it is attractive and does not pass by the attention of the subscriber? Here you can give two tips:

  • Make a thematic visual design

The main thing that should be allocated New Year's mailing - is the visual design. Be sure to decorate the letter beautifully, add thematic illustrations, slides. Make sure that your email does not consist entirely of pictures - for some users they may be disabled. In addition, in this case be sure to make a web version of the letter with a link to it.

  • Experiment with your email address

Create a separate inbox for new year mailing. Give it a name associated with the holiday. For example, [email protected] So you not only pay extra attention to your letter, but also create a New Year mood for the reader. You can also conduct A / B testing to determine the effectiveness of a particular mailbox name.

Question number 2. What to write in the letter?

After the design of the newsletter is thought out, it is time to think about what exactly to write, so that it will be interesting and useful for your subscribers. Consider a few ideas.

  • Tell about promotions

The obvious point. If you have prepared some actions for the new year (and you probably prepared them, how else?), Then hurry to your subscribers to report them. How to do it:

First way. A list of all goods and services for promotions

A bright letter calling to take advantage of the offers of the action is a sure way to win the attention of the subscriber. Especially during the New Year holidays, when everyone is looking for bargains. Make a letter with links to stock cards and specify the percentage of the discount. So subscribers can immediately see the catalog and go to the most interested in their positions.

Second way. Single unique offer for all products

Let subscribers feel their uniqueness - provide readers with a special offer, the notification of which comes only to those who are subscribed to the newsletter. This is, for example, a discount on all products in the store, provided by entering a code word - a code word is sent to subscribers, having entered it in the basket of the online store, it receives this or that discount or bonus. During your advertising campaign, do not forget to mention that only subscribers to your newsletter will be informed about the conditions of the promotion (for example, post a reminder about this on the home page of the site - this way you will get even more subscribers).

  • Sum up the year

Sending congratulations, tell customers about what you have achieved over the past year, what you have worked on, what has become better. It is important for people to see that the company is progressing, that you are really trying to achieve something, and your name is not an empty word.

  • Do not focus on selling letters.

Do not be too annoying with calls to take advantage of the action and make a purchase. Send not only sales letters, but also information / entertainment letters, and even congratulations. Thus, you will not let readers get bored and increase their involvement - it will not be interesting for anyone to read the zombies every day, “Buy. 50% discount!”, But useful and fascinating information is always by the way.

  • Do not advertise stale goods

Do not rely on advertising stale goods. If customers did not need it before, it will not be needed now. Focus subscribers on what they really need.

Question number 3. When and to whom to send the newsletter?

The frequency with which to send letters is one of the main questions in the topic of the New Year's mailing. Many people think that by simply filling up the customer’s mailboxes with a huge number of letters, they will achieve results. Not. This will only cause customers to complain about spam and unsubscribe. A couple of tips on the time of the email campaign:

  • Start posting in advance

It is necessary to start from the end of November. It was at this time that the first New Year decorations appeared in the stores, and everywhere they were hanging ads for upcoming holiday events. Start slowly and gradually increase the frequency of mailing - so you will step by step prepare your subscribers for the main stream of information.

  • Segment Subscribers Database

Do not overwhelm letters to all customers. Identify your most and least-involved subscribers. So, for example, if a person constantly reads your newsletter, follows links from letters, then he can be safely considered involved and send him the whole New Year's newsletter. Those who have not interacted with your letters within 3-6 months can send 3/4 mailings, 6-12 months - half of letters, 12-36 months - a quarter. The figures are conditional and are given for comparison, it all depends on the specific characteristics of the business, the target audience and how long you have been sending the whole newsletter.

Become Santa Claus for your followers.

The New Year is coming - it's time for gifts. And the first signs of the upcoming holiday are already visible everywhere: the first Christmas trees on the streets, garlands, and so on. And in the mailboxes, the first New Year mailing letters began to appear. So hurry up and you do the organization of New Year's mailing. Use the answers that we gave in the article, and please both the client and yourself.

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