Overview of 21 prototyping tools

The need to use prototypes when creating a website began to be actively discussed several years ago. Gradually, there has been a departure from the scheme "the designer draws the layout - the programmer fastens the code to it".

Below you can find a list of various prototyping services: both for PC and mobile devices, and for online work, from free to very expensive, from simple ones with modest functionality to those that will have to be thoroughly understood.

For convenience, we have brought all the information into a separate table, in which services were compared by the following parameters:

  • Tongue - Interface language;
  • Free rate - availability of free tariff or trial version;
  • Cheapest fare - the cost of the cheapest tariff or license;
  • Features - distinctive "chips" tool;
  • Integration - possible integration with other services;
  • Downloadable application / web version - Some of the services are downloadable programs, some work directly in the browser, and some are available in two versions. The table shows the availability of the online version / downloadable application and supported OS for each tool;
  • Mobile app - the presence of a mobile application for previewing prototypes;
  • Technical support - possible ways to communicate with the technical support service;
  • Customers - a list of the most famous customers.

To download the table, click on the screenshot below.

1. Axure

Axure - the largest and most well-known prototyping application, allows you to create high-quality prototypes of sites and mobile applications. It has a wide functionality with a large set of tools. Requires installation of software on a PC, online version is not available. Works with Windows and macOS.

2. Origami Studio

Origami Studio is a completely free handy application from Facebook. Works with macOS. Syncs with Sketch. The application has a community on Facebook, where users can share their prototypes, discuss their creation and help each other.

3. Proto.io

Proto.io has a convenient and fairly simple interface. Like most services, it has the ability to collaborate and jointly edit. At any point in the work, the prototype can be tested both on a PC and on mobile devices.

4. Vectr

With Vectr you can work both online and installing the application on your PC. In this case, both versions are synchronized with each other, giving the opportunity to work on the same prototype both online and from a computer. Each created project is assigned a URL, which can be sent to a colleague or client to make comments and edits.

5. InVision

InVision is a popular prototyping tool that we sometimes use in our work. Of the features, you can select a user-friendly interface, the ability to organize teamwork.

6. Adobe Experience Design

Adobe Experience Design is included in the Creative Suite from Adobe and synchronized with many services from this package. Key features: fast transition from prototype to application, the ability to instantly see the changes in the prototype on mobile devices. The main disadvantage is that the desktop application is available only for Windows 10.

7. Principle

Principle is great for creating animated prototypes. The application is available only for Mac.

8. Just in mind

The main advantage of Just in mind is that there are many elements and gestures available in the service, as well as ready-made prototype templates.

9. Moqups

Moqups is another fairly popular service for prototyping. The main feature is an unlimited number of users at paid rates.

10. Marvel

Marvel is a prototyping tool in which it is possible to create prototypes for all devices, including smart watches.

11. Mockplus

The main feature of Mockplus is the ability to view prototypes on mobile devices by scanning a QR code, 3000 icons in paid tariffs.

12. UXPin

As in Marvel, in UXPin, you can create prototypes of applications for smart watches. True, only for watches running on Android.

13. Flinto

Flinto is a prototyping service in which there are ready-made templates for the most common mobile device resolutions, as well as embedded transition animations in Android and iOS applications.

14. Sketch

Sketch - the famous tool created exclusively for the Mac, so that it is best suited for creating prototypes for applications on iOS.

15. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is available only for Mac and iOS, and licenses are purchased separately. The service itself is a multitool, and prototyping is not its main function.

16. Pidoco

The main feature of Pidoco is an intuitive drag'n'drop interface, project collaboration.

17. Mockingbird

Mockingbird is a simple service for creating simple prototypes. If you need to quickly create a basic prototype, then quite possibly Mockingbird will suit you.

18. iPlotz

iPlotz is a very simple service for creating simple prototypes. Perhaps someone just needs it.

19. Proto Share

In Proto Share paid rates you can create an infinite number of projects. In addition, the service has a very long trial period - as many as 30 days.

20. MockFlow

The cheapest Mockflow tariff costs only $ 14 / month, while the license includes a lot of tools, including for creating websites and banners, as well as a service for working together on design projects.

21. Mockup Builder

Mockup Builder is a simple tool with a standard set of functions. Nothing unusual. However, among the clients you can meet well-known companies, so you should not bypass the Mockup Builder side.

Prototype - an indispensable tool when developing a site

There are many applications for prototyping. All of them solve essentially one problem - presenting your project in the most understandable way for a client with the ability to quickly make edits. Perhaps we missed something, so share in the comments what tools you use to create prototypes.

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