How to deal with banner blindness: 6 tips + own experiment

According to statistics, people notice only seven out of ten advertising banners on the network. But if your ads are always one of the attracting attention, then most likely you will not find anything new for yourself in the article. Those who are always in search of new solutions and tools to improve their advertising, please read. I will tell you how to increase the CTR, giving six tips to overcome banner blindness. And also I will share the results of my own A / B testing.

What is banner blindness

Banner blindness is a psychological feature of our brains to overlook most advertisements on the Internet, even if they contain a solution to our problems. It helps to focus on the information for which we come to the site. It arises because of the inability to process all the advertising that spills on us in the network. And according to Infolinks - 1,900 ads per month.

This feature is confirmed by an experiment conducted by the research company Census Bureau. The test subjects were shown a page, with the population of the USA in the right corner.

Researchers have asked to find on the page data on the population of America. But only 14% of the participants could cope with this task.

The problem is that most people do not pay attention to areas where ad units are usually located.

How to treat

Placed in a prominent place

To find out the most effective placements for placement, first we will look at how visitors view content on a page and where they pay the most attention.

The device for lighttracking showed that users are browsing the page along contours resembling the letter F.

As can be seen from the map, visitors do not cover the area with advertising. Therefore, so that your ads are noticed by as many people as possible, be placed in the zones of their attention.

For example:

Know your customers

Most ads go unnoticed due to the fact that they simply do not take into account the needs of their audience. Therefore, to start to explore your potential customers. Find out what they are interested in, what they want from your product and how they approach the choice of a product or service. Creating and deploying creatives without knowing Central Asia is the same as trying to hit a target with eyes closed.

Marketers advertising the dating app are convinced of this. They showed ads to girls looking for a partner to create a permanent relationship.

To begin with, they acted intuitively, using random photos of attractive male textures.

But a high CTR with such images could not be achieved. To attract the attention of the beautiful half, they had to study women's psychology more deeply. Most girls need not just a beautiful model, but a man who can provide a family and will not skimp on gifts. On the basis of these features were selected new photos with the guys on the background of sports cars, in expensive suits and stuff in the same spirit.

New creatives have increased the number of registrations by 70% compared to previous ones.

Properly targeted

According to research, only 3% of users find online advertising relevant. This means that the targeting of other ads is not configured correctly, and they are shown to people who are certainly not interested in the proposal.

To show ads only to the target audience, use tools and platforms that allow you to focus on the segment you need. For example, such as “YAN”, myTarget or teaser networks.

"YAN" allows you to show your banners only to those who have already visited your site and were interested in products.

myTarget allows you to set narrow settings and show ads only to the target audience. In addition to age and gender, advertisements can be customized according to a variety of parameters: interests, social functions, area of ​​residence, and even a psychotype. Suppose you can target a 35-year-old man who wants to open his own smoking business, with two children, fishing and living on Tverskaya in Moscow.

And with the help of teaser networks you can place ads on thousands of sites you need topics. Users will perceive banners more loyal, since the advertised product is relevant to the content of the site.

And if you give advertising directly through a manager or webmaster, choose a resource based on the interests of your audience.

An example of a successful site selection is the advertisement of the “Guaranteed Settlement Service” from Sberbank to Cossa. The audience of the portal are digital specialists from both agencies and customer companies. Therefore, the service that allows you to secure a transaction between the client and the contractor, most likely, is interesting to readers of the site.

But the American bakery Marie Callender showed ingenuity and found its audience, it would seem, in a completely unexpected place. Instead of posting on culinary blogs, she showed her banners on the website of the forecast, when it rained, snowed, or a strong wind blew. Their ad called not to worry about the weather and warm up the delicious cake with a golden crust.

  1. This is pie weather! Golden crust and tender chicken
  2. Heavy rain? Do not worry. Heat our closed cake

Experiment with the format

Try to come up with an idea for an animated or interactive banner that will attract an audience. Yes, this method is more expensive and requires more time to implement. We need to come up with an interesting mechanic or plot, draw a sketch and give the technical assignment to the designer. Pull the rope, and the monkey will catch the banana not roll :-) If you manage to come up with a cool idea that conveys your advertising message, people will definitely not disregard your ad.

Here's how, for example, IKEA approached the creation of advertising. On the banner they showed that in their store you can choose furniture for a room of any size.

Stretching the banner with the mouse, furniture appears in the room, and then the prices of each piece of furniture come up. Website with banner

And the ads for "The Village: Parking" are not even more difficult to notice. The essence of the application is that it allows you to disseminate information about violators. And in order to attract the attention of people to the problem of improper parking, they developed a banner that interferes as well as the car left in the wrong place.

Banner attracts attention and quickly conveys the essence of the application. Website with banner

Be noticeable

The design contrasting with a site will help to make the announcement more noticeable. Use the colors that will highlight your ad in the background of the rest of the content, like this air ticket service did.

First, marketers used to promote bright photos of fabulous beaches and resort towns. Such advertising gave a CTR of 0.5-1.2%.

Then launched a series of black and white banners. And thanks to eye-catching colors, they gained 75% more CTR compared to previous images.

But you can stand out not only due to the color solutions, but also the image itself. And the more typical it is for classical advertising, the stronger the eye will be. At the same time, the ad must be related to the advertised product, otherwise it will gain a lot of clicks, and the KPI will suffer.

Designer Pofben tested two banners. The first was done by all the rules.

And he drew the second one in 5 minutes in a paintte.

It would seem that the first ad should attract more users. But the result did not meet expectations. The first scored CTR 0.049%, and the second 0.137%. The carelessly made banner turned out to be much more clickable due to the fact that it did not fit into the templates for which the bulk of advertising was made.

Use call to action

So, you caught the attention of the user. Now is the time for a call to action. After all, without it, a person can simply skip the page without ever realizing what you wanted from him.

After the visitor saw the banner, he needs to make a decision: click or scroll. This process takes a split second and occurs subconsciously. CTA also acts as a brain command. Therefore, if you accompany your message with a clear call, then most likely its CTR will increase.

But in order for your call to action to work, start with a customer benefit. Tell us what he gets by clicking on ads. For example, “Dodo Pizza” offers free pizza before the call to download the application.

Own experiment

To draw my own conclusions, I checked which tips would help to get more CTR. To do this, created an advertising campaign in a teaser network and tested these five ads:

Each ad has an average of 20,000 thousand impressions. As a result, the highest CTR received the option of a girl in a taxi - 0.273%. Most likely, the visitors were attracted by the bright colors and expressive appearance of the model. But the main reason for success, I believe, was the relevance of the sites where advertising was displayed: almost 50% of them are devoted to fashion and beauty. I also tested this image, but without a call to action ("Choose your color"). The same banner without CTA showed 18% less CTR.

GIF-image was slightly worse - 0.255% CTR. Although the GIF is the most primitive, the movement still attracted attention.

The third place was shared by images with close-up headphones and a cat. They scored 0.219% CTR.

But with the need of the audience, I did not guess. The indicator of clickability of the image with entangled headphones turned out to be only 0.167%.


There are no methods that will work in 100% of cases. And the only way to find out which ad in your campaign is better shot is to arm yourself with tips and research results from the article and test each of your ideas.

Watch the video: Will This Trick Your Brain? Color TEST (April 2020).


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