Why find an author - a heartbreaking drama? Experience glavreda "Texterra"

My name is Konstantin Rudov. I am the chief editor of this blog, and I have a problem. We need new blood, but the search for suitable candidates is given with great difficulty. Now I will tell you what to face in the harsh reality.

Stop. Maybe work with a team of regular authors and relax?

If you want to make a cool blog that will constantly maintain the interest of readers, this will not work. The brain tends to follow the path of least resistance. This applies not only to the editor, but also to the authors.

The dream kingdom comes

Usually, when an author writes to a blog for the first time, he gives it all the best, because he is not sure that his works will be published in the future. When the writer puts the work on the stream, he calms down, the warmer fuses off. The author finds a convenient format for him to work and sits in this comfort zone. Which, as you know, all the time narrows. In the best case, this will lead to stagnation of the project. What actually is still a degradation.

Wash the boundaries of good and evil

How does the author understand if he did a good job or not? He watches the hospital average. When this is the same team, the level will inevitably fall. Think about how long you can keep the fire of inspiration in a team without fresh air?

Not enough practice

When an author often writes to a blog like ours, there is a high risk that his articles will become less and less practical. When to practice this practice, if you write one article after another?

What the author, such and readers

Even within a limited subject matter, everyone writes about what is interesting to him personally. And it resonates with readers with similar interests. So, each new author attracts a similar audience to the blog. Look at the author and think for it - would you like to attract such readers? And it also means that the more authors you have, the more coverage you can get from the diverse audience.


Inability to take a new level of quality.

But what about the new authors who themselves offer their candidacy?

I will not give exact statistics, but according to my feelings the ratio of suitable applications to inappropriate ones is 1 to 30. Usually we write articles for us:


If you don’t give an article about copywriting to work, a dead end happens. Judging by the applications, a copywriter who understands Internet marketing is a rarity. In my opinion, this is a big professional omission, but we are not talking about that.

The copywriter will not give to the writing any thoughts, you will not instruct the guide. What remains? Selections, interviews. Concerning the second one, there are also doubts, because the interviewer himself has to fumble at what he asks. Or at least sincerely interested. And if he was interested, he would have already fumbled.

Observation: copywriters almost never offer themes themselves. Sometimes it seems that they are offended when I ask them to suggest the idea of ​​an article on their own.

Often, copywriters do not even pre-look at the blog, which offer an article. Do not check it for the presence of redpolitiki, do not look at the level and direction of publications. Because of this, the application can be anything.

Service Representatives

... who want to publish with reference to their resource. We have a guest posting format. Only they usually approach it like this: "I will make an article of minimum quality, just to publish it. The main thing is the link. And there is no point in wasting time working out the article." With this approach, it is difficult to come to something constructive. They offer reviews of their own product, in which they receive a refusal. If they write on professional topics, they usually do it "on the back". Guest article, which came to the publication - a rarity.

Agency representatives

As if nothing had happened offer to place your case. And it would be nothing if it contained some discoveries for readers. Instead, self-praise is usually obtained without sound grain.


Articles exposing secret political conspiracies, confessions about a failed family life and other delights.

How to understand whether the author is suitable for publication or not?

Editor, the work of the author should like YOU. Not to you as an editor, but to you as you.

- But I'm not Central Asia!

Does not matter.

Still matters:

  • Recognition in a professional environment.
  • Experience in your subject.
  • Personal adequacy.

Where to get cool authors?

Search for yourself. Where?

Other blogs on your subject

Shamelessly hunt authors whose articles you like. Even if it turns out that this is not a commercial writer, but a practicing specialist. Find out the price of the question, it is usually only in her.

Other blogs in general

Do not stop at the fact that the author, from whom you are personally a fan, may not have experience in your subject matter. For example, LJ "prostitutes Kat" can not be attributed to the subject of our blog. If you choose the topic correctly, you can use a cool author even in an unusual topic for him. So I did in this case. See the article "Prostitute Kat about her career in LJ and relationships with advertisers".

The article turned out to be strong, and, judging by the traffic and responses, the audience went well. Interestingly, her second publication, "Prostitute Kat - how to work with bloggers on LiveJournal so that it brings results," has already passed by reader interest

You can build a lot of assumptions, what's the matter. I tend to think that in the first case a more interesting title and surprise effect played a role. It is interesting to read your opinions on this subject in the comments.

Professional conferences

Does not mean that they need to visit. It is enough to find the past and go through the list of participants.

Social network

You can recognize a good author by writing a cool post on the wall of his personal profile. If you are playing in a professional environment, you can find specialists suitable for you in the recommendations of your tape. Interestingly, they themselves may not suspect that they will make a strong author.

For our subject for this purpose, FB is well suited.

Connect resellers

Extreme measure. Offer payment to those who lead a powerful author. It is desirable to entrust the mediator with the responsibility for selecting a candidate, choosing a topic and bringing the article to publication. A star can break off cooperation at an unpredictable moment. Therefore, it is better to transfer payment to her and the intermediary after publication.

How to make me find yourself?

With the help of ads you can not find a superstar, but a strong specialist. To do this, do not be afraid to specify strict requirements. Speak bluntly that you need a full-time specialist. Do not be shy. Otherwise, spend extra time on the analysis of inappropriate applications.

In the description of the application is better to do without the lyrics and write on the merits.

An example of a post that I made recently

What if everyone writes in the staff?

In-house specialists usually have good competencies and can produce the most practical and ideological materials suitable for a blog. The problem is that they have no time for it. Their main tasks are almost always priority. Nevertheless, my experience shows that every employee of the marketing department needs to write articles to the blog from time to time. This brings materials to a new level and brings a specialist to tone.

Call to action

What authors would you like to see in our blog? I will be glad to your wishes in the comments.

Or maybe you yourself are ready to shine on our site? Write to the mail [email protected] Details on the conditions described in the relevant section. If you "burn" with your profession, and you have something to say - write to me without hesitation. We agree on the go.

Even for the convenience of communication, my profiles in the VC and FB.

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