How to create a GIF for free and without registration: 10 online services

The one who came up with the gifs should go to paradise without a queue. In the theme selected animated images will enliven any content. And the coolest thing is that you can easily make them yourself, from any images or videos.

Here are collected 10 online services to create gif-images. In fact, there are many more, but I selected the most convenient ones. With an intuitive interface, no heaps of pop-up windows. Save this selection to yourself, so as not to lose.

How to make a gif from YouTube video

YouTube to GIF

Very simple and elegant way. You do not even need to go to the service from the search or tabs. Just add "gif" to the video address, here:

You will transfer to the foreign service YouTube to GIF. The desired video immediately opens in the interface.

Select the desired segment. If desired, add effects from the panel to the left. I added text (caption). The menu is in English, but everything is quickly mastered at random.

Click Create Gif. A settings window will appear, where you can change the name, add tags, sound, watermark and make the GIFC private (this means that other users of the service will not see it).

The service will offer to buy a premium version for full access to the functionality. You can politely refuse or appreciate the efforts of developers and spend $ 10. I chose the first :-)

Done! Download gif and use.

Only registered users can download the results of their work. If you are too lazy to register in the service, you can open the link in the "Direct Link" field in a new tab and download the gif from the browser.

Instead of "gif" in the video address, you can add "conv". You will be transferred to the service Conv., And then, when you click on "Convert Gif" - on YouTube to GIF. The same, but in profile.

Disadvantages of the service:

  • At all gifs, a service watermark automatically appears (in the premium version, you can remove it). Otherwise, everything is perfect for a free online service.

Imgur: Video to Gif

Very concise service, where you can quickly rivet the gif of "YouTube":

  1. Insert the video address into the line and wait a little while it is loaded into the service.
  2. Select the desired segment.
  1. Click Create Gif.
  2. Hover over the created GIF and in the drop-down menu select the option "Download image" (this button would be hidden further, honest word).


Disadvantages of the service:

  • Limited functions (text and tags only).
  • On the download page pops up ads.

Giphy gif maker

Very simple and convenient service for creating gifs from a video taken from YouTube. To use it, copy the link to the video, paste it into the search bar on the main page of the site, and the service will automatically start downloading the video:

Once the video has loaded, select the segment of video you need. Giphy will show you what your future gif will look like:

Scroll below to add labels to your gif-image, as well as prescribe tags if you want the audience to find your gif in the Giphy catalog:

If you do not need it, then simply click the Create GIF button. In the new window, you will be given the HTML code for inserting a gif file, and in the Advanced tab you will be given a direct link to download it. GIF created using this service:

Disadvantages of the service:

  • Only one signature can be added.
  • Cannot select image size

How to make gif of downloaded videos


Convenient file converter in different formats. Also available as an extension in Google Chrome.

Working with him is easy:

  • Download the video and click "Convert." You can convert multiple files at the same time.
  • Click "Download."

Disadvantages of the service:

  • You cannot edit gifs and add new items to them. The service only converts one format to another.


If you do not want the video to include the logos of third-party services, you can use Photoshop. Even if you have no experience in this program, you will succeed - just follow the instructions below.

  • Find the right video on Youtube and download it to your computer.. This can be done using the service Savedeo or any other similar.
  • Cut out from the video the fragment you need. This can be done using any video splitter or standard Windows Movie Maker or Film Studio. Make sure that the length of the video does not exceed 2-3 seconds, otherwise the file will be too large and heavy. In the same programs, you can add the necessary labels.
  • Open it in Photoshop. Click File - Import - Video frames in layers (or, if Photoshop is in English, File - Import - Video frames to layers).
  • Play with the settings. Click File - Save for Web and try to change the settings so that the image weight does not exceed several megabytes. Initially, my three-second video weighed 11.02 megabytes.

After changing the size of the gifs and reducing the range of colors, the weight decreased to 2.425 megabytes. This weight is already considered normal.

  • Save the gif. And enjoy the beautiful image without any watermarks and service logos.

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How to create a gif from the screen recording


Licecap application allows you to select any part of the screen and make it a gif. A big plus of this program is that it can record not only in the browser, but also in any other program. Here, for example, gif, recorded by me in the Word.


It works on the same principle as Licecap, but has a more modern interface. In principle, this is the only difference.

How to create gifku from pictures

Brush ninja

Stylish and convenient service for creating gifs from your own drawings. Minimalism is now in fashion, so this service will be relevant.

Draw something. 1 image = 1 screen.

Add a new screen (New Frame option) and draw something again. And so on. The number of screens, it seems, is not limited - I reached 50 pcs. For gifki this is more than enough. In the settings you can choose the color of the screen, choose the speed of the slide change, as well as use images from the Brush Ninja gallery.

To use your pictures, you will have to sponsor a developer. The service was originally created for non-commercial purposes, as a hobby, but the full functionality is available only to the sponsors of the project. You can become a sponsor by sending donat via Patreon service or by purchasing a branded T-shirt from Brush Ninja.

To save the gif, use the Export option. A window will appear where you can select the save format. We are quite satisfied with Animated Gif.

Here's what it looks like:

Disadvantages of the service:

It works only with personally drawn or downloaded from the gallery images (in the free version).


Another service for creating gifs, but no longer from video, but from images. Despite the fact that it is in English, to understand it is quite easy. Ezgif allows you to add text to the gif, plus a variety of visual effects. Your logo does not add to the image.


Analogue of the previous service, but with small visual "buns" - you can add funny dialog bubbles and video effects to the images like those available at the Studio and Windows Movie Maker.

An example of a gif created using this service:

What services do you use?

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