Restaurant SMM: delicious texts about delicious food and not only

It is a pity, but the delicious smells from the kitchen do not reach Internet users. Fortunately, images, visualization and exclusive come to your rescue.

Recall the "trick" with a slice of lemon. Imagine how you cut a juicy slice and put it under your tongue. Now imagine that you bit a whole peeled lemon, the juice splashed sharply and filled the entire cavity of the mouth with a scorchingly sour. Feel the reaction? Salivation. Here is the same reaction should be from your posts in social networks.

Try to come up with an original idea for each post. The sphere of public catering is rich in fabrications, especially if your institution is distinguished by an extraordinary style and creative approach. Tell us about the process of cooking, sort it out into details, make an interesting introduction.

Epithets burn the hearts of the guests!

Experienced authors will say that active verbs enliven the text much better than epithets. But when it comes to food, here I am ready to argue. In addition, many words hide in themselves not just a concept, but a whole story consisting of unique emotions and images.

For example, the word peasant or farmer carries with it: naturalness, vitamins, fresh greens, health, simplicity. Hence, such names as peasant butter, farm sausage.

How to improve the phrase epithets?

Before: Heat. You are already waiting for a glass of beer.

After: Heat. You are waiting for a steaming glass of fresh dark beer.

Before: Try the steak with potatoes and salad.

After: Try natural beef steak with rosy potatoes and rustic salad.

"Milk goat, stewed in a Russian oven" - the name of the dish creates an original image, despite the large number of adjectives. I think you understand the meaning.

Describing food, you simply must strengthen the image with epithets in order to achieve the desired effect.

Tender juicy veal tendre is poured with creamy sauce. Served on a pillow of baked potatoes with rosemary. Flavor excellent. The taste is amazing. This is just a miracle, not a dish.

The face of the restaurant is its guests.

I am sure that you have heard the expression "Let's go and sit." It is the whole essence of walking around cafes, restaurants and bars. First of all, people go there is not tasty and cheap to eat, and to communicate - to look at others and show themselves. But at the same time the kitchen should always be on the level.

Famous restaurant critic Oleg Nazarov identifies five main reasons for visiting restaurants:

  1. Getting pleasure from communication, dating, pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Business meeting, negotiations - a good impression for the client / partner.
  3. Romantic date / dinner.
  4. A place to have a drink with friends.
  5. Fast, tasty and inexpensive to eat.

What is the conclusion? Show that in your institution you can organize all this. Or not everything depends on the status. Post photos of guests of the restaurant. Show that you have them well - you can have a good time, communicate, meet. Broadcast emotions.

By the way, the word "restaurant" scares the domestic visitor and discourages the desire to go there often. Therefore, the name of the Moscow "Pushkin" begins with the word "cafe". It sounds less festive and more casual. The name "Pushkin Cafe" does not immerse the guest into thinking about high prices even before coming to the institution.

Own chips

What happens if you meet the expectations of the visitor? You have good service, good food, good interior. Guest enthusiastically tell about your friends? Not. Most likely, he just forgets, because the man came for the soup and got the soup. Yes, he will come to you if he is in the same area. But will he gather friends for a purposeful visit? For this you need to exceed his expectations.

Imagine you are quietly waiting for your soup, when suddenly “Jack Sparrow” comes to the table with a bottle of rum and says: “Hey, buddy. Did you order this soup? Maybe you should roll the rum for appetite?” But this is an occasion to share a fun story with friends.

Serve dishes so that they evoke emotions, then the visitors themselves will start telling friends and posting photos on the social network, thereby advertising you. Come up with chips. Arrange the show. Your food should bring joy.

Revive the chef

If possible, turn the chef into a blogger. Publish interesting moments from the restaurant on the pages of social networks. This tactic of promotion is especially relevant when the chef is the owner of the restaurant. That is, you or a copywriter, under your leadership, write interesting posts from the first person, increasing the credibility of the establishment.

Examples of posts from the chef

1. A story about how dishes are actually prepared - from the purchase (slaughter, catch) of products and to serving with a sprig of dill.

2. Question to subscribers for the purpose of engagement.

3. Classics of the genre - the secret from the chef. Be generous!

4. If a cook or a copywriter has his own particular style - this is priceless.

5. Well, a win-win option - post yourself a loved one.

Why do you need Instagram

Visual content is vital for the promotion of any cafe. Instagram is probably the best platform for publishing it. People see photos of dishes, interior, reports from events. Examples you have already seen above. Plus, the photo can be made beautiful using various filters. On Instagram, it's better to set a single tone for your account - choose a filter and use it all the time.

What else is important to know about Instagram? Be always on guard. Get ready for communication and criticism of the kitchen, service, prices, etc. "Rolls are falling apart, rice is not added, sauce is in uncomfortable boxes" - be ready. Always respond to reasonable criticism politely, without attacking in return. Do not ignore messages.

Make a mistake - it does not matter. It is much worse to ignore her.

5 examples of interesting posts for "VKontakte"

VKontakte is a different matter. Attach to the posts the most successful photos and add on them elements of corporate identity. For my examples, I found and branded several photos from the Internet.

Post number 1: Action "Save the chef"

Imagine, yesterday I almost fired the chef. If you only knew that he made some new burgers. It was just something. He increased the cutlet to 150 grams, added a special sauce with sour cream and cut more fresh vegetables. Of course, he did not forget to fill up all this beauty with golden fries.

The chef said, if you don’t eat at least 200 of his wonderful burgers, he will admit his defeat and leave to work in the student canteen. Try the new burger at the old price until October 10th. Save our chef!

Post number 2: Action "Kilogram Mojito"

Next Saturday, “Your Restaurant” celebrates the official and international “Blondes Day”. Only on this day our barman acts contrary to logic and pours a kilogram of mojito for all blondes at the price of a standard portion.

Condition: your awesome Instagram photo.

P. S. You have a week to dye your hair.

Post number 3: New dish

If we have enough money, then next month a real copywriter will write about this dish. In the meantime, our waiter is trying for you - Sergey. It is distinguished by incredible honesty and directness, so here’s its description: "Steak. Just salmon steak over charcoal. Just fresh. Just tender and tasty. Yes, and three more types of vegetable side dishes to choose from. And two sauces. Normal .

By the way, we have a 15% discount on salmon steak. It's time to remove it, but let him still live a couple of days. Maybe we will earn and hire a copywriter to describe our new dishes. It all depends on you. Come and help yourself.

Post number 4: Promotion with delivery

If we don’t deliver (and we don’t deliver) your pizza in five minutes, then you get a branded nut cake as a gift. We will hand out soft and crumbly muffins until our pastry cheaters up. Her patience is usually enough for a week. Let's count. By about November 3rd, the cupcakes will run out. Hurry up!

Post number 5: Temporary update menu

Our chef challenges Gordon Ramsay! Work in the kitchen is boiling! Choose one of 10 dishes from Gordon Ramsay that you would like to try in our cafe. According to the survey, the three most popular dishes will be cooked in our kitchen for a month. We are waiting for your visit.

Do you also want cool posts for your business? Contact us! We know all about cool SMM without cheap tricks and a budget drain.

Naturally, the style of posts should differ depending on the format of the institution. Expensive restaurant, sushi bar, steakhouse, Uzbek cuisine - all this requires an individual approach to promotion. Much depends on the chosen strategy. I wish you success.

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