After sales service: 5 types of content that your customers need

You must have come across a situation where the desired purchase does not bring satisfaction. For example, you have long planned to buy an expensive gadget or home appliances. And when they finally took it in hand or turned it on, they were not too happy. No, you certainly got what you wanted. But there is a lack of a fountain of emotions, a feeling of the seventh sky.

How to sell a product to top managers

The success of sales in the B2B segment depends on the ability of marketers to interest their offer to top managers who make purchasing decisions. Experienced sales know that frontal attacks on tops usually end in nothing. At best, managers delegate the study of the possibility of a transaction to their subordinates.

How to combine content marketing in the segment of B2B and sales

In December 2012, the Information Technology Marketing Association (ITSMA) published the results of the study “How Consumers Consume Information”. The obtained data define the role of sales professionals in the implementation of content marketing strategies in the B2B segment. In addition, researchers show the role of content marketers in sales.

How to attract B2B customers with video: Orabrush case

Quality video creates an emotional connection between companies and their customers. Therefore, many business projects are actively using video content to attract consumers. Large corporations and small firms publish videos on YouTube, designed for B2C-clients or private buyers. Can organizations operating in the B2B segment to attract customers through video?

How to overcome the Christmas lull: tips for B2B business

While retailers are preparing for sales, not without reason, hoping to make good money on the festive rush, players of the B2B segment are working normally. Standard for retail sales promotion techniques do not always work in the corporate sector, so many marketers passively await the off-season.

Which social network is better suited for B2B marketing?

Using SMM as a tool for B2B marketing is one of the main trends in Internet marketing today. Marketers planning to promote projects in social networks are faced with the need to choose a site, the audience of which they will conquer. Almost all popular networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, provide specialists with unique opportunities for business promotion.

B2B and B2C Landing: 5 Key Differences

Retail sales of complex products or new products on the market, wholesale, promotion of the services of event-agencies, as well as information products - the scope of landing pages is quite wide. If in 2011 the landing pages were used in rare cases, now many prefer the development of corporate portals or online stores to create several one-page pages.

Why more than half of B2B clients do not trust your site

According to the 2014 B2B Web Usability Report study, the behavior of B2B buyers is not much different from the actions of B2C clients. Private and corporate clients need expert information to make purchasing decisions. The first and second do not like to fill out long forms and report confidential information to the seller.