Existential risks and uncontrolled digital evolution

[I am not an AI specialist. The book under discussion does not offer any concrete solutions, but rather belongs to the category #speculative journalism and science fiction. As often happens in such cases, the discussions generated by the book are much more interesting and useful than the book itself. This topic has become more widespread in English.

Sketching out: expressing ideas is art

Review of Mike Rowdy's book Visual Notes: An Illustrated Guide to Skeettraining. Publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber", 2014 What form of information presentation will you choose if you want to present it vividly, in detail, clearly, and most importantly - that it should be imprinted in the memory of your audience? Mike Rowdy, a professional designer and illustrator, an expert in user interface from Gomoll Research + Design, Inc., the author of the book "Visual Notes", the translation of which was published in the publishing house "MYTH", advises the form of sketches - a simple, but at the same time from his point of view, effective.

You, the collective genius and the digital age

Review of the book by Austin Cleon "Show your work! Ten ways to get you noticed." Publishing house "MIF", Moscow, 2014. People are mistaken, considering the great "lonely geniuses". These latter do not exist in nature. There is a collective genius, and each of those who were considered "brilliant loners" was actually part of a large group of people who supported each other, watched the work of their colleagues, copied each other, borrowed ideas and gave them away. "

The winner takes all. And why, exactly?

Review of Anita Elbers book "Blockbuster Strategy", MIF Publishing House This book is not about how to create blockbusters. It is about how and why the creation of first-class, "hit" content brings fabulous profits. The stories of the rise of superstars in music, cinema and football, the strategies of successful managers of well-known companies illustrate the author’s main thesis: the winner gets everything.

Swim against the current

Review of the book Anne Lamotte "Bird after bird", publishing house "Myth", 2014. Upon learning of Robin Williams' suicide, I thought: "And why it doesn’t surprise me at all ..." The funniest person in the world, the sparkling comedian died of depression. Incredible? No, rather, too much like the truth of life, which is always more incredible than fiction.