How to create workable welcome letters: examples and recommendations

The material was prepared by Daria Savitskaya, ideologist and head of DashaMail service support department. We’ll tell you what a welcome series is, why it is important to set them up correctly and how you can optimize them to improve results. Let us show examples of letters for different business areas and analyze the working welcome chain using the example of an online store.

8 creative ways to return unsubscribers

No matter how interesting and useful your newsletter is, there are always people who want to unsubscribe from it. This is normal. No need to get upset and blame yourself for all mortal sins. But to return the ex-subscribers try is certainly worth it. Do you think it will not work? Do not want to impose and spoil your reputation?

SHOCK! Spamming will save Russian marketing

Disclaimer: The opinion of the author may not coincide with the opinion of the editors and blah blah blah. Well, you understand) Hi. Now I work as an e-mail marketer in a federal IT project. I have everything there as it should: segmentation, automation, targeting, and only snow-white bases with a double-opt-in. But two years ago I started with spam mailing.

Why nobody reads your newsletter: 15 reasons

View rate is one of the main indicators of the effectiveness of email distribution. If it falls, then users do not even open your letters. Why it happens? A list of the most common causes is below. 1. Lack of personalization Your subscribers receive dozens of commercial emails every day.

60+ manual filters to keep order in your email inbox

Dozens of unread emails, lost important messages and annoying email annoy you and steal your time. You may even be thinking about a new mail, the address of which can be given only to the most important contacts. Do not rush to radical solutions. It is enough to put things in the mail once and add manual filters to sort correspondence and fight spam.

How to find out if the letter is read in the mail

Perhaps everyone — at least once in their life — wanted to know whether the letter was read. Typical situations: Responded to an interesting vacancy. Sent a resume, portfolio and cover letter, and silence in response. Complete uncertainty. Participate in a creative competition. Deadlines are tight, will soon determine the winner.

You have a new subscriber - what to do next?

The authors of many articles containing recommendations on blogging, give advice on attracting new subscribers. But about what should be done when a person has already subscribed to your newsletter, the authors for some reason usually keep silent. But the moment when a person subscribes to your newsletter is very important. It is in some sense an intimate, romantic moment.

How to find out the mail of a person: instructions for finding email

Find a person's email may be needed for various reasons: This is a potential lead (for sales managers) This is a potential partner (for marketers) This is a victim that you are going to terrorize (for criminals, sales managers and marketers) The list goes on and on. Pay attention to the last point - you should not use the methods listed in this guide for cold spam mailing.

12 ideas to improve the effectiveness of email marketing in 2018

Article translated by Tatiana Musihina, internet marketer. Original link. No matter what they say, email marketing is still evolving. Only one billion users worldwide use the Gmail service. And this is not the limit. The market research company The Radicati Group predicts that by 2020, the number of email users will increase to 3 billion (almost half of the world's population).

Email distribution: 10 great role models

Tired of wasting your time writing interesting newsletters that read, at best, 10% of your subscribers? It hurts to look at how the number of subscribers is getting smaller and smaller every day? You try so hard, and the response is almost zero? Here are 10 examples of email messages that made a big impression on their subscribers.

Email marketing strategy: development instructions + checklist

You can do mailings irregularly, each time to sell in the forehead, test headlines and forms at random - there will be clicks and even some sales. However, without a clear strategy, you should not count on a stable growth of business indicators. An email marketing strategy is a document that describes: The goals that you need - and most importantly, really - can be achieved using email marketing.