Selling text in Russian: 7 tips to an American

Mysterious Russian soul does not submit to expats-marketers. This is a new task just for staff copywriter John from Alabama. It's time to adapt the text from our site! John, where is russian copy? You are our writer, you read Tolstoy and did not become a communist! Damn, guys, the adaptation does not adapt.

Normcore vs. hardcore: a battle of adverts in which everyone lost

Let's start with the fact that I like Alexey Rozhkov. I try to read or at least look through all the articles in our blog, but I always read Mr. Rozhkov’s works — I like his style of presentation and the topics he raises, in particular, advertising. In an article on normcor marketing, Alexey writes about how consumers are terribly tired of provocations and all sorts of tricks of marketers, so tired that I want to look at the man who is painting the fence.

Googlonutousness and Yandex.

Ahead - the New Year and eight days of vacation, on the eve of which I want to have fun. We decided that light entertainment material about funny search engine chips was what we needed on the eve of the holiday. We suggest you go on a tour of the joking rarities from the collections of Google and Yandex. Interesting things from Google How to combine business with fun?

10 Worst Creativity Tips

It's no secret that every successful blogger must have some kind of creativity. Indeed, without it, it is impossible to create interesting and unique articles that delight readers. Poets and writers of all times were in constant search for sources of creativity. Some of them even used forbidden methods (for example, drugs) to raise the level of their creative activity.

How to piss off your audience: 14 tips

The article lists things that enrage me personally, my colleagues and the majority of web users. If you have something to add - please in the comments. 1. Pop-up windows Classic bringing to white heat. The filament below the waist increases not just pop-up windows, but tricky windows in which the cross does not appear immediately, or even better - a false cross first appears, clicking on which opens the damn page with an advertisement or a third-party site.