Big, proud and shocking country - in infographics

Review of the book “Russia in Numbers”, authors: Mikhail Firsanov, Olga Gambaryan. Publishing house "MIF", 2014. Once our country was the most reading in the world. The number of its inhabitants was 286.7 million people (according to the 1989 census). The Soviet Union area of ​​22.4 million square meters. km was the largest state on the planet, with the longest border in the world - more than 60,000 km.

Why infographics is a waste of money

Considering infographics as an effective type of content? Can you recall the last three infographics that you read? You may remember that the latter read "that cool infographic about Google algorithms." Can you tell where you found this infographic or which company published it? Most likely no.

15 errors due to which your infographics goes unnoticed

Well, the popularity of infographics has come to runet. Domestic entrepreneurs finally realized what a powerful promotion tool (good infographics can bring a lot of traffic and natural links, as well as greatly increase the popularity of the brand in the network), and began to actively invest in its creation.