Evgenia Kryukova: "Business literature is rarely useful"

The head of the Texterra marketing department, Evgenia Kryukova, was interviewed for the Samovov online magazine. In it, she talked about her way in marketing and the experience of writing the book "100+ hacks for internet marketers." Only practice, only hardcore - Eugene, tell us about your career path. How did you come to content marketing and Texterra?

Why business parsers: an interview with TargetHunter founder Artem Morgunov

At the event "RIF-Voronezh" I met with TargetHunter CEO Artem Morgunov and arranged an interview. I proposed to tell more parsers. What is it, how does it help in business, how can it be used? It turned out that the parser helps to find customers, employees and even missing animals. Here is such an Ace Ventura in the world of social networks =) One has only to learn how to use the service or hire a targeted specialist and you are already in the subject.

"I wrote fake comments and threw negative people in emergency situations": the story of the former info-businessman

I have been looking for a hero for this interview for a very long time. I wanted to find out how the infobusiness works from the inside, what is really behind the success stories and beautiful photos. But all the "acting" representatives of the infobusiness, to whom I addressed, either immediately went into denial, or were ready to give an interview on their own terms, with their questions.