Accept an order for pizza, offer a drink, write down the address: how is the bot useful in the messenger for food delivery

The article was prepared by Vladimir Bogdan, a specialist in instant messaging marketing. In the article we consider the main opportunities that a chat bot opens for a fast-food business with the option of delivery or pre-order. You will learn how to spend less time and effort by automating routine work. It's about the most simple bots in Facebook Messenger, "VKontakte" or Telegram.

In Viber on the passport, or How new identification rules in messengers actually work

“We are taken under a cap!”, “Soon you can’t buy bread without a passport!” - the new decree of the Russian government on new identification rules in instant messengers caused a lot of noise. As it happens with many laws and bills, the noise is associated with an incorrect interpretation of the innovation. The network writes that: ... operators will have access to the correspondence of users of instant messengers.