How to make SMS mailing: a detailed guide

Although the digital era is in the courtyard, the old old-fashioned SMS messaging tool is experiencing a rebirth. They become more useful, literate and relevant. When such messages come infrequently and contain interesting suggestions to the user, they are almost not annoying. Talk about how to use this tool for the benefit of business.

How to use instant messengers to advertise

Should I use instant messengers to promote a business? In a world where advertising can be seen on fences, pillars, underfoot on asphalt and even on toilet paper, this is a strange question. To use such a convenient and popular channel of information dissemination is necessary. In this article you will learn how to use instant messengers in business.

9 things you should know about updating Google Mobile-Friendly

At the end of February 2015, Google promised to update the search algorithm: to increase the value of the factor mobile-friendly or the adaptability of sites for viewing from mobile devices. Innovations will take effect from April 21. There are rumors among webmasters that the update of the algorithm will be so extensive that sites without adaptive layout will almost lose traffic.

For the first time in the history of the Internet: mobile traffic overtook traffic from a PC

At the beginning of 2014, a significant event for online business took place - for the first time in the history of the Internet, the activity of mobile users surpassed the activity of PC users. This discovery is owned by comScore. In one of her recent studies, she found that in January of this year, the time spent on the Internet by US mobile users accounted for 55% of the total time using the global network.

How the audience uses mobile gadgets: conclusions for 2013

If 2012 was the year of mobile traffic, then 2013 consolidated this trend. The number of smartphone and tablet owners continues to grow. In some countries, mobile traffic already dominates. Marketers need to take this into account when planning the budget for 2014. Below you will find relevant facts about m-Commerce, which will help develop an effective strategy for promoting projects, given the growing popularity of mobile gadgets.

Why try Telegram? Messenger Review

Новые возможности для продвижения, общения с командой и клиентами. Публичные каналы. Секретные чаты. Супергруппы. Работа с любого устройства. Все это - про Telegram. The features and capabilities of Telegram, an application from Pavel and Nikolay Durov, appeared in 2013. And he quickly began to gain popularity. Interestingly, the creators of the messenger did not spend (and are not going to spend) money on advertising and attracting users: new participants come on the word of mouth.

How to understand multi-channel consumer

According to a survey by Telemetrics and xAd, conducted in early 2013, 50% of online consumers in the United States are planning to purchase using mobile devices. They use smartphones and tablets to get basic information about the product of interest to them. While 46% of consumers use mobile gadgets during the entire purchase process.

9 amazing facts about mobile marketing

Successful marketers and marketing companies know that the key to future success lies in adapting and optimizing their services to the mobile market. Being in public places, you can always see some person who is busy with his smartphone. This phenomenon, which we encounter every day, occurs at home, but with tablets.

Case: Responsive Design as an SEO Tool

Search engine optimization - we talk about it constantly - the area is very inert, and largely due to the powerful lobby of the seo companies themselves. Buying links on exchanges, linking, meta tags ... - to be honest, it’s already boring to read about all this. Let's talk about such a tool to increase search traffic, such as responsive website design.

Why chatbots take over the world + 25 examples for inspiration

The chatbot is the result of human interaction with artificial intelligence: a robot that automatically responds to messages entered by the user in the chat. Chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes: from performing everyday tasks to entertainment, and they are placed in instant messengers and social networks - Facebook Messenger, Telegram, VKontakte, Slack, etc.

Viber will start to charge $ 4,500 per month from the owners of chat bots

On February 22, 2019, Debbie Doherty, head of B2B marketing at Viber, announced that from April 1, chat bots owners will be charged $ 4,500 per month. For the money they will be able to send up to 500 000 messages. You can receive up to 1,000,000 messages for $ 6,500. According to Dougherty, new tariffs are needed to improve the quality of the content: Bots can be published free of charge, however, in order to ensure the quality of the content, we will soon present commercial commitments to bot owners.

7 applications that turned the market

According to Criteo research, users are increasingly making purchases using mobile devices and less and less often - using computers. At the same time, more sales occur through applications: in them, the conversion is 13% compared to 9% for mobile sites. According to the AppAnnie report for 2018, users spent 101 billion dollars on applications.