[News] Collection of applications "VKontakte" - fishing pole for customers

Lida go straight from the news feed, without any mailings. This is not a sweet dream of a marketer, but a new tool for the advertising cabinet "VKontakte" - "Collection of applications". In the ribbon, it is displayed as a classic advertising post with a CTA-button. When you click opens the application form, the data in which is automatically pulled from the profile.

How to use Twitter video in marketing

You probably already know about the ability to shoot and publish video in Twitter applications for mobile gadgets. Moreover, most likely you have already tested a new feature: you shot a video about the fall of a friend from a chair and a drama with the title “The Cat is asking for an extra portion of food” And from this article you will learn how to use Twitter in video marketing.

Into the - and popularity: how and that earn on sexism

The Internet scandal about the "cherry cry" in a matter of hours glorified a small Moscow bar located in the Belorussky railway station. In "Bad.Bro.Bar" they say - they did not pay for such a banquet. But with pleasure they devour their "haired kidney buds". The PR community does not believe them: the concept of the bar coincided too well with the sexist message.

Media engagement and trolls. How the media fights for comments and comments: Part 1

Для СМИ, как и для прочих индустриальных отраслей, комфортнее общаться со своей аудиторией "сверху-вниз", в одностороннем порядке. Однако интернет освободил авторство, и публика может сказать что-то обратно. Аудитория превращается в сообщество. Использование сообщества, с одной стороны, выглядит заманчиво - повышается лояльность, люди проводят больше времени с брендом.

Media engagement. How the media internalize the comments: Part 2

Read the 1st part of the article: Media-engagement and trolls. How the media fights for comments and comments. Liberation of authorship is a global process that changes society and the economy. The media was the first among the old industrial industries to be exposed to the Internet. On the one hand, public involvement offers great benefits, primarily related to the huge investment of man-hours, private expertise, evidence, enthusiasm.

Content Marketing with Vine: 6 cool role models

In 2013, Vine became one of the most popular applications. The simplicity and originality of the idea that formed its basis won the hearts of millions of users around the world. All you need to do is to make a short six-second video and share it on social networks (or embed it directly on the site).

7 free and little-known tools for more productive work on the Internet

This material is a continuation of a series of articles about tools useful for internet marketers (the previous parts are here and here). In it, we have collected 7 super-useful and little-known services that clearly perform the stated functions and do not require any financial investments. Enjoy and do not forget to share with friends;) 1.

Google+: the most important settings and tools to promote your business

The social network Google+ appeared on the Internet relatively recently - about 2.5 years ago, but, despite such a short period of existence, the number of its users has already exceeded 500 million. An impressive figure, isn't it? Nevertheless, many companies are still skeptical about this social network, considering it to be not effective enough.

The magic of the first follower, or how the virality begins

First, watch this video: What was it? You have seen a vivid manifestation of the virality phenomenon offline. The creative impulse of one person almost instantly engulfed several dozen people. This happened without appeals and requests. How does it work and is it possible to repeat this trick online? Read below.

Why Facebook curators inject the right topics

Mass psychosis is a sign of successful design of social networks. This time, messages about censorship look convincingly. A new scandal about censorship in Facebook is taking place. Several former news curators at once told on the Gizmodo tech blog on how the social network allegedly "muffles" some topics and promotes others (Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News by Michael Nunez).

Ways to use List.ly for marketing purposes

What is the List.ly service? This is a popular website with which you can create subject lists. People reading these lists can like / dislike, comment and even add their own items to other users' lists. Thus, the lists are gradually formed by public opinion and the most popular items in them become items that are liked by most readers.

Pinterest vs. Google+: battlefield - visual content

You can easily call the main trend in the development of social networks, relevant today, if you use some of them or are professionally engaged in SMM. Creating the conditions for publishing, sharing and discussing visual content is the main focus of social media developers.

How to increase traffic using Google+: 9 practical tips

Google+ stands out among other social networks. This resource is tightly integrated with the services of the world's largest search engine Google, including search, YouTube video hosting and Hangouts. Thanks to this, Google has a great potential for traffic generation. The audience of this network exceeds 500 million people, which also should not be discounted.

What type of content has the highest potential for distribution on Twitter

Have you ever thought why some of your tweets instantly spread while others go unnoticed? It turns out the secret is in the type of content you post. In this article, you will learn what content to publish in order to receive more retweets. The founder of KISSMetrics, Neil Patel, who is among the top 10 most influential online entrepreneurs, according to Forbes, studied the most effective types of content on Twitter.

How to promote a business project with LinkedIn: three tips

LinkedIn social network is known as a resource where you can find a job or employee. However, some marketers have learned to use this platform to promote projects. While most businessmen see LinkedIn as a free resume database, the most far-sighted entrepreneurs use social links between users of this resource.

How to make visual content on Google+ viral

Google+ is one of the largest social networks in the world. The number of users of this resource is about 400 million people, the monthly audience reaches 100 million people. In addition, Google+ is among the most promising social platforms for B2B marketing. In mid-2013, Google+ users had the opportunity to publish full-size photos, edit images and create animations.

How to make your Twitter account less boring and increase user engagement: 30+ recommendations

You must have seen the twitter accounts of reputable companies, after visiting which it becomes depressing. They contain only announcements of similar materials, but no retweets, dialogues, or other signs of online life. Such accounts have zero audience involvement. In this article, you will find recommendations that will help revitalize your Twitter feed and stimulate interaction with the audience.