Online fraud guide

This is not a case, not a review, not an informational article - it is a symbiosis of everything, based on what everyone had to meet with - a hoax on the Internet. As we just do not cheat: in full face, and in profile, that is, in real life and in virtual. The following examples (except for one) are described succinctly, and they have many variations, it is simply impossible to warn against everything and tell about each, because new schemes appear every day.

How to negotiate with clients remotely: experience 5 years of freelancing

I am a freelancer, an individual entrepreneur, I work in a remote format, usually with several projects at once. The ability to negotiate for me is just as important as the ability to do my job well. The article will tell you how to negotiate without personal meetings and find a common language with customers. This article will be interesting: freelancers who want to learn from the experience of negotiations, customers who are curious to understand what is happening "on the other side."

14 working ideas about productivity, understood over the years of pain

Hello! My name is Victor, I am the editor of online projects. In November 2016, my article “How to behave so that the media editorial staff did not consider you an idiot” came out on Texterra. Today I want to share ideas about self-organization, according to which I live. I hope this article will catch your eye during some kind of internal crisis, when you are looking for answers to your questions.

Pyro verb: on burnout marketers and stupid tips

Hardly anyone has heard of the concept of "professional burnout." According to HeadHunter, the marketing profession is in third place in the top of the most stressful jobs. I hear a voice: "Yes, to the mine of you all, lazy office, whine me here!". Mine is good, the work of the miners is hard, necessary and honorable. Only Gazprom, owning the world mines, will also have to be sold to someone.

Do not google the symptoms, or What internet marketers need to know about cyber chondria

Do you think the heroes of the famous series Lobanov and Romanenko are the worst doctors in the world? There are two more dangerous for specialist patients. Their name is Dr. "Yandex" and Dr. Google. Their mistakes cost people literally and figuratively. In this article, you will learn what cyber chondria is, and why answers to questions about health cannot be found on the Internet.

Techies here are not the place

All zero and most of the tenths in the Internet marketing hosted "techies". Search engine optimization sites and contextual advertising - the two most important marketing tools of the time - demanded serious analytical data, and in general, what is called, "mathematical mindset". But the pendulum swung in the other direction.

Social prison for children: all the pros and cons of children's blogging

As usual, I finished homework and opened Instagram. In the evenings, I always look into the profile of TexTerra to get a portion of suitable posts for thought and inspiration. But that day my attention was attracted by a promotional video featuring a child. The girl urged to subscribe to your YouTube channel. It is noticeable that the girl is obviously not good at putting words into sentences, and speaking bad words in general.

Instructions: How to write columns and become famous, without leaving the chair

I will reveal to you a terrible secret, which is an open secret, but for some reason it is hardly noticed and is not discussed at all by content marketers and media people: millions of Internet users in Russia do not understand what content they read every day and where it comes from. According to a study by the NAFI Analytical Center, presented in March 2019, the general level of digital literacy among Russians is 60 points on the standard scale.

How to use podcasts in "VKontakte"

I tried to understand whether the podcasts in VKontakte are as effective as the releases on other platforms. I also noted their features and figured out how to add and promote a podcast on VK. How it all works in VK In general, everything is standard, as on the sites, Podster, etc. Only search by title or description of the episode is not yet available: to listen to something interesting, you need to go to the news feed or go to the community.