20 examples of design portfolio on the site

Any text about the company will be no more than a set of well-built phrases, if not supported by the section with the works. Portfolio - a passport, business card, pass to the world of serious customers. And you need to be able to make out. The article collected 20 examples of pages "Portfolio" from different companies, so that you would appreciate how well they are made, and applied something in your own.

How to spell: 15 examples of design blogs companies

Enter in the "query" how to blog "in Yandex" and get 37 million results with ideas, tips and blogging errors. This article contains 15 examples of how blogs from different companies look so that you can compare them with yours, learn from successful findings, or see weak spots. We read.

Charts and graphs for articles: how to build and where to get information

Illustrations - you notice them first. Any text is perceived better if you add a graph, gif or picture. For the pictures, there is enough imagination, the ability to find associations and access to photo stocks or archives with cool databases. For graphics, you need to understand the basics of perception. We need to know how to select the necessary information, how the brain will assimilate it quickly, and how it is beneficial to present the main thing.

9 mistakes in the layout of the article, because of which you are losing readers

A bad layout will ruin any article. You can find an interesting topic, come up with a catchy title and write a good text. But if the article is poorly imposed, then it will be difficult to read and sometimes impossible. Let us examine the most frequent errors in the layout of the text, because of which readers close the article. Aligning the right edge The text with a smooth right edge looks good.

How to avoid common mistakes when creating pop-ups: 7 tips

It's no secret that pop-ups annoy users. They pop up at the most inopportune moment. In them some nonsense is written. They look so awful that visitors try to close them as quickly as possible. Often, readers do not close the pop-up, and the tab with your site. Despite these and other shortcomings, pop-ups are effective.

Visual hierarchy in UX: how to direct user attention

We first see the picture, and only then we read the text (thanks, cap), so the visual solution of the site becomes decisive for bringing the user to the goal: it can simplify and obstruct this path. Let's figure out how to lead a site visitor to the right decision by organizing the space of the site - both on desktops and on mobile devices.

13 common mistakes in online shopping catalogs

The article will tell about errors that make it difficult to search for goods in online stores. By correcting them on your site, you will help visitors quickly find the right products from the catalog and increase conversion. Structural errors 1. Long catalog list A complete list of product categories looks like a sheet of text in which it is difficult to navigate.

What to write in an online chat, so you want to contact him? 53 examples

Online consultants are useful for business. This is confirmed not only by the Texterra case, but also by the global research of Zendesk, a customer service software developer. In Burzhunete, chat is the most convenient way to communicate for 92 people out of 100. Customers prefer to communicate with the company's support service directly from the site, instead of calling or waiting for a response via email.

A very expensive look: 20 examples of product cards

We come to online stores, as well as to ordinary ones, to look at the goods, to want to buy them, put them in a basket and, finally, place an order. Often we buy immediately, but sometimes only after a thorough examination of the item card. This article contains examples of product cards from 20 online stores with different fields of activity.

Face-to-face: 20 examples of homepage design

We see the main page of a site in search results and when we drive in its address in a line of the browser. If it interests us with its content, navigation, design and layout, perhaps we will linger and see other pages. If not - let's go for a walk further across the expanses of the Internet. The article contains examples of 20 main pages with different themes.

Comments for the site: which system to choose?

The convenience and functionality of the commenting system affects the involvement of the audience and the number of comments on the site. In this article you will find reviews of the best external commenting systems that will help you choose the best solution. The convenience and functionality of the commenting system affects the involvement of the audience and the number of comments on the site.

30 articles on usability that kill the fear of changes on the site

We, as a rule, begin to read instructions when something is broken. But it is better to just avoid the sad consequences and get acquainted in advance with a selection of articles on usability. In it you will find a lot of tips and examples of how to design websites, so that users do not bleed from the eyes, and they do not spend on the services of a psychiatrist.

Usability for Dummies. Part 5: How to work with prototypes and care for the interests of mobile users

Read the first part of the article. Read the second part of the article. Read the third part of the article. Read the fourth part of the article. As the house begins with the project and the foundation, the usable site begins with the optimal location of the blocks and modules. In this article you will learn how to ensure the usability of the site at the stage of creating a prototype and layout.

Detailed sidebar usability guide

From this article, you will learn everything about sidebars: whether you need them, how many side panels there should be on the site, which side they should be from, which elements should be in them. Why talk about sidebars of sites Sidebar or sidebar - part of the structure of the web page, which is located on the right or left side and contains functional, informational and conversion elements.

How to conduct a UX audit yourself: 4 easy methods to improve site usability

Igor then shouted strongly: he threw some papers on the floor, angrily kicked an innocent stool and clapped his fist on the table endlessly. Half an hour later, we managed to find out the reason for such rage: Igor gave n-thousand rubles for a UX-audit, which turned out to be a so-called audit. 50 pages of tips like: "Replace red with less red", "It is inconvenient for the user to look at the light green circle".

Usability Checklist: 200+ items to check

The presence of a huge amount of content on the network has made the user very demanding and to the quality of the content, and to its presentation. This is especially true of commercial sites. The potential buyer will not peer into your small print, frantically search for where to turn off the background music on your site, or put up with its “vyglavglaznym” design.