"Russian Amazon" is gaining momentum: how to unwind the marketplace "I take"

The joint creation of Yandex.Market and Sberbank is impressive with traffic indicators. According to SimilarWeb, over the past 6 months, Beru’s attendance has almost tripled - from 4.5 million visits per month to 12.92. In December, at the peak of pre-New Year sales, it soared to the level of 18.2 million. These are excellent indicators, given the strong competition in the niche with Ozon and Wildberries.

Native YouTube ads that break the pattern

YouTube has tons of obvious ads. As an everywhere. But it happens that an advertisement appears unexpectedly: you look with interest, you stick to it, and only towards the end do you realize that something is being advertised here. Or do not understand. We selected 8 clips with the most unexpected and most native advertising on YouTube. Let's put aside the social network, work, home affairs and see cool content from YouTube-bloggers and advertising agencies.

9 reasons why the video will never reach the text

Every minute 300 hours of different videos are uploaded to YouTube. Marketers are actively switched to selling videos. Bloggers shoot a video where they discuss other people's videos. Infobusinessmen stamp training webinars. Movies fly in social networks, and investments in Influencer marketing are growing. Is it all? Bear the cross - will we bury the text?

How to make money on "YouTube" blogger: an overview of the options to monetize the channel

There are three main ways to make money on YouTube: Join an affiliate program or connect to one of the media networks to earn revenue from advertisements Google AdSense. Start cooperation with brands, online stores, services, that is, with those who are willing to pay to attract customers. Hoping for the loyalty and generosity of the audience - to collect donations (donations) and look for sponsors.