How to make TK for the programmer

It happens that the site is ready, but you need to add some program to it: an online calculator; mailing program; statistics analyzer; parser and so on. Or do you want to create some kind of unique service for users. In such cases, it is not always possible to use ready-made solutions and you have to hire a programmer.

A quick guide to SSL certificates: what you need to know about them and how to choose

Recently, the share of valid SSL certificates in various domain zones tends to grow, as does the general interest in SSL technologies. Nevertheless, not all have realized what they are dealing with when they hear this word. Therefore, we will still try to understand what it means, and we will help you choose exactly the certificate that is needed specifically for your project (and is it needed at all).

Which CMS is better to choose for the online store

For experienced users it is better to choose a CMS for an online store by subjective criteria. I like OpenCart, made 10 stores on it - also do the eleventh on OpenCart. Newbies in this article will find objective criteria for selecting the engine, as well as learn the main characteristics of the best platforms for e-commerce projects.

How to open an online store: step by step instructions

Imagine that you attacked a gold mine: you invented and calculated a win-win trade option online. “Svyaznoy” with Euroset is already drinking soothing, and you are planning to start work. From this article you will find descriptions and links to useful tools that will help you register and open an online store.

Creating an online store: what to look for, so that after 3 months and $ 5,000 do not start over

Этот материал будет полезен, если вы задумываетесь об открытии интернет-магазина в связке с уже существующим офлайн-бизнесом, либо как отдельного проекта. The topic of Internet commerce is very global, so be prepared for the fact that after reading it you will have even more questions than now. "The whole truth about online shopping" in one material can not be put, but the unobvious moments at which you can lose a lot of money and time - you can.

[E-book] How to make a website yourself: a step-by-step guide for the humanities

Especially for small businesses, start-ups, start-up entrepreneurs, we wrote a free e-book "How to make a website yourself: a step by step guide for the humanities." This book is a detailed instruction that covers all aspects of creating a website: from choosing a domain and hosting to working with engines and SaaS platforms, from basic SEO to delicate settings like the implementation of micromarking.

How to make a redirect: a detailed review for the humanities

В этой статье вы найдете подробную информацию о редиректах. Познакомитесь с видами перенаправлений и узнаете, какие задачи они решают. Узнаете, как сделать редирект разными способами и какой метод перенаправления предпочтителен в конкретных случаях. Что такое редиректы и зачем они нужны Редирект - перенаправление пользователя с одного URL на другой.

On Integrated Advancement for Skeptics

Comprehensive promotion in the eyes of a business is a complex and expensive service, to which many are skeptical. But is it fair? To clarify the issue, we will talk with Elizaveta Yazina, the account director of Texterra, about the need for integrated promotion on the Internet. I will be in the role of a businessman who wants to move, but does not want to overpay.

25 important items of a product card to help sales

Product card - a kind of mini-landing. It solves the same problem: it tells the potential buyer about the product and brings it to the order. To fulfill its function, the product card must: Answer the question of the buyer, "Why do I need it?" Focus on the product. Close objections. Make the buying process simple, quick and straightforward.

What determines the cost of developing the site

The site can cost from 0 rubles to infinity, and the article just explains what factors affect the cost of development. The material will help negotiate with developers and understand how objectively agencies and freelancers evaluate their services. Why it is impossible to immediately name the price of the site Imagine yourself as a seller in a hardware store and tell an imaginary buyer how much a boiler costs.

How to create and configure sitemap sitemap.xml

In this article, you will learn what sitemap.xml is, how to create and configure a sitemap. What is a site map and why is it needed? In this guide, we will mainly talk about site maps for search engines. These are XML documents that contain service information. They help search engines to navigate sites and index them effectively.

How to make a competent technical specification for the development of the site

Remember the law of Murphy? If you can get it wrong, you will definitely get it wrong. This is true not only in communication between people, but also in creating websites. The client wanted a second “Facebook”, and received a forum for young dog breeders. The developer did not guess the customer's wish - I wasted my time. In this guide, I will tell you what and why you need to write in the technical specifications.

Do I need an SSL certificate and how to get it

The article was prepared by Victoria Fedoseenko, ISPsystem editor. Since 2014, Google has been urging site owners to connect a secure connection by installing an SSL / TLS certificate. But not everyone agrees. Let us examine all the pros and cons and tell you how to get it. Google insists on HTTPS HTTPS was introduced into Internet standards in 2000.